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Racism and Hatred Against Asian-Americans condemned by Dodgers Organization

Los Angeles Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts at Fanfest 2019.
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Bigotry & Discrimination will not be tolerated!

By: Angela Redding

Los Angeles, CA, (The Hollywood Times) 3/10/2021–“ I have just come to a peace about speaking out about things that I believe are right. And this particular situation towards Asians, Asian Americans, is something that obviously affects me personally, having a mother from Okinawa, Japan. Seeing what’s going on in our country, I just felt that I wanted to internally put something together for our organization, showing my support toward Asian Americans in our organization and acknowledge what’s going in our country and around the world that I just don’t believe is right.” Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts (quote from DodgersNation)

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo
Dodgers logo (courtesy of Dodgers Media)

The Los Angeles Dodgers released a statement Tuesday, March 9th, denouncing and opposing increasing violence and hate crimes against Asian-Americans in the United States. The statement was prompted by a reported email sent to the Dodgers organization by Dave Roberts, the Dodgers manager about violence against Asian Americans.

Dodgers Statement

“Over the last year, there has been a sharp increase in violence and hate crimes against Asian-Americans across the United States. This bigotry and hatred has no place in our society and to be clear, the Dodger organization condemns this widespread xenophobic violence and intolerance. Such bullying is nothing short of cowardice.”


“Besides Jackie Robinson, the Dodgers have a legacy of pioneering Asian All-Star players like Hideo Nomo (Japan), Chan-Ho Park (Korea), and Hong-Chih Kuo (Taiwan).  In addition, the Dodgers have had more players of Asian ancestry than any other Major League Baseball team. Of course, we have an extremely diverse fan base fueled by the largest Asian American population in the United States. Dodger Stadium has always been a common ground for all.”

“The Dodgers stand with every American who knows that our nation’s diversity is one of our greatest strengths. We are proud that the Dodgers family spans the globe and welcomes people of every background. We all have a responsibility to call out and act against racism, and to work toward a more just, equitable and loving nation – not only during moments of protest but always.”

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