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Queering The Script

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By Judith Oehman

Lucy Lawless

Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 7/24/19 – Hey, hey why kill the lesbians? What has made it stop and what camaraderie  has developed from the union of fans. That is question director Gabrielle Zilkha asks and answers in this film.

Gabrielle Zilkha

Gabrielle Zilkha is a director and writer, best known for Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny  (2013), How the Grinch Stole my Heart! (2009) and now Queering the Script the documentary.

Fact, lesbians are 2.5 percent of images on”TV”. Are you seen?



Who does have to be grateful to for the changes that we encounter?

This film travels from 1991, when LA Law introduced us to a gay woman, a lesbian lawyer. Was she acceptable because she was not one of us? She was not American, she was as an Australian. In the 30-minute episode, lesbian CJ Lamb (Amanda Donohoe) helped Abby Perkins (Michele Greene) brush up on her skills. At the end, CJ kisses Abby, who’s apparently down with the affectionate gesture. It was the first same-sex kiss on television. It was monumental moment for pop culture, but not so much for the characters: CJ was written off and Abby ended up with a man.


It was 1991 and characters got to live. Friends, Star Trek and many shows toyed with the lesbian fan base.


The film takes to the dawn of repression in film…..

Any inference of sex perversion; if shown, would be condemned by the end of the film.  Fans had no voice to change the views seen.


And then came the dawn that lightened the sky– the internet and the message boards appeared, queer women made their feelings known.

Identification with the characters was a main stay and it could now be made abundantly clear. When Willow’s love interest Tara is murdered late in the Buffy series, cyberspace exploded in opposition. The beginning of rebellion was fueled when Lexa of The 100 is a similar murder we will not forgive the lose of Clarke and Lexa.

The film expands the power of fandom, and informs us that  between 2015 and 2017, a disproportionate 62 queer female characters were killed off in scripted series.

Zilkha points out that while lesbian and bisexual female characters represented some 2.5 percent of all the characters on television, show runners saw fit to kill 27 percent of them during those two years.

Isabella Gomez – Queering The Script

“The story of how fan-favorite comedy #OneDayAtATime was saved from cancellation by @PopTV is a full-fledged drama — and as network president Brad Schwartz tells it, they couldn’t have pulled it off without fans in the LGBTQ community”and no one died, gives us hope.

In its 93 minutes, this Canadian documentary written and directed by Gabrielle Zilkha exposes Hollywood’s lily-white bias.

As well a her story.