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Psychologist to the Stars, Dr. Carder Stout, Announces New Book Release-

‘We Are All Addicts: The Soul’s Guide to Kicking Your Compulsions’-

Here’s What We Thought Of It

By Bethany Barton

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 10/2/22 – Is spirituality the key to kicking our addictions? According to the psychologist to the stars, Dr. Carder Stout Ph.D., when we connect to our soul, anything is possible, even freedom from addiction. Dr. Stout explores this concept in his brand-new book, We Are All Addicts: The Soul’s Guide to Kicking Your Compulsions (January 10, 2023, Viva Editions, Simon & Schuster)

Dr. Stout is an LA-based Depth psychologist who has been featured on Goop, Maria Shriver, Larry King, Rolling Stone, HuffPost, and more.  As a Depth Psychologist, Stout explains that he ‘helps patients discover the origins of feelings and explore the unconscious side of the psyche.’ He also specializes in Dream Analysis and relationships, in his efforts to help clients become more truthful with themselves (and their partners!)

Dr. Stout has been sober since 2005 and he details his own journey to recovery in his previously acclaimed work, Lost in Ghost Town (HCI, Simon & Schuster). Along with his new book being released, he will also be appearing as a psychologist in an unscripted Netflix pilot, scheduled for release in 2023, and has a thriving, star-studded practice, so he is one busy guy!

His latest work, We Are All Addicts, dives into the realms of addiction and the depths of humanity to discover what exactly makes us ‘all addicts’ and how by connecting to our deeper selves, we can quell these vices for good. Dr. Stout explores the concept that the soul has the ability to remove addiction from the psyche completely, allowing us an entirely new concept of freedom from addiction. And how does he know his theory works? Because he is living proof. Dr. Stout himself has been sober since 2005 and his work with clients (including some very well-known ones) who have experienced everything from addiction, anxiety, and depression, to trauma, and relationship challenges, has been groundbreaking.

His brand-new book is already getting noticed, even pre-release, as several rave reviews have already come through from big names such as Will McCormack, Thomas Lennon, and Sarah Brokaw. McCormack writes “We Are All Addicts’ is both stunning and practical. Stout makes a compelling, inspired, clear, and anthemic plea for the power of the soul. All that we have ever needed, is inside of us. This book will awaken your soul and give you the power to overcome your compulsions and addictions.” That is quite the glowing accolade!

So, with all this hype around the book, we just had to take a look for ourselves. Check out our exclusive Hollywood Times review below.



We Are All Addicts: The Soul’s Guide to Kicking Your Compulsions

(January 10, 2023, Viva Editions, Simon & Schuster)

We’re not crying, you are. We have a feeling this book is really going to hit home for a lot of us, in a big way. Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to take a good long, look in the mirror at yourself, your thoughts, your patterns, and what’s been holding you back possibly your entire life, then this book is right up your alley.

Dr. Stout paints addiction in a completely new light; as an archetype, an energy, and one that we can shift and change. But what makes Dr. Stout’s book so revolutionary is that he introduces the concept that this is something we can do not by relying solely on outside sources but by going within. Stout presents the concept that we can heal our addictions through our souls. He walks the reader through practices such as leaning into addictive thoughts as opposed to ignoring them or attempting to shove them down, only to have them reappear again. He proposes going so far as befriending our addictive thoughts and tendencies, asking them questions, and actually giving them the attention, they crave, thereby releasing them. The book is full of questions, exercises, and daily practices that will help the reader go even deeper into their own psyche to find the answers around addiction that they seek.

The book explores all the different ways our compulsions can manifest, it goes far deeper than just the common concept of chemical dependency as addiction. While it is certainly inclusive of it, it is more focused on the way addiction is present across all aspects of our lives. It can show up as an addiction to resentment and anger, fear, fame or validation, even smartphones and so many areas of our lives that we can all relate to. But the good news is, according to Stout, that these addictive patterns can be changed, by addressing the trauma that created them and the negative/limiting beliefs that fuel them. Also of course, by letting in the soul, because as Stout says, ‘when the soul is present, there is no room for addiction to thrive.’

What we loved about the book is the nonjudgmental and accepting way Dr. Stout approached the concept of addiction. It’s common to think of addiction in black and white terms, addict vs. non-addict, bad vs. good. But Stout takes the approach that we all have addictive thoughts, and the energy of addiction is present in all of us, although how it manifests itself can vary. Whether it’s love, sex, fame, alcohol, food, resentment, or approval, we all have compulsions. Presenting addiction in this light takes a lot of the shame and blame so often associated with addiction, out of the equation. He really digs below the surface level and gets into the aspects that make us all human, all connected, and therefore all in this together.

We also loved that although there are parts of this book that will definitely leave you ugly crying, the ultimate message is incredibly empowering. It allows the reader to take their healing into their own hands by showing not only is it possible to clear the energy of addiction but that we need to look no further than within ourselves to do so. Not only that, Dr. Stout weaves in examples from his own story of sobriety, as proof that the soul is stronger than addiction. What could be more empowering than that?

For anyone who has ever wanted to explore their own addictive patterns, thoughts, or behaviors, or even just wants a deeper soul connection, this book is definitely worth the read.

To connect with Dr. Stout, see his info below:

Official site: www.drcarderstout.com

Instagram: @drcarderstout

Twitter: @CarderStout




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