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“Proclaim” is a band worth hearing.

By Gordon David Durich

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/29/22 – With melodic vocals and lush harmonies stoked by warm instrumentations, “Proclaim” is an inspirational band.

Take One Republic, Lady A, mix them up with Hillsong Worship and you get an idea of Proclaim’s music.  With Christian leanings, the contemporary Utah-based foursome is really going places.

Proclaim is comprised of Kimberly Maycock on vocals and piano; Nick Whitesides, vocals, guitar and piano; Todd Wangsgard, vocals and base; and Ron Pippin on drums.

Proclaim’s mission is to “fill the world with hope, love and faith.”  The band has won awards including Best Vocal Group at the Christian Georgia Film Awards, and Silver Original Song at the Hollywood Gold Awards.

Their broad stylistic range has made them perfect as an opener for the likes of Charlie Jenkins and Joshua Creek

Catchy lyrics in one of their songs, “What We Know,” are “in a world of confusion like a maze with no end, too many choices for choosing… we proclaim that this unity brings us closer to our God and we know what we know!.”

One rave about Proclaim was, “Heart and sincerity.”  Another, “Peace and comfort.”

Proclaim wants to play soon in California. Yours truly hopes they will appear at Atmosphere Church in Thousand Oaks.