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Pro Sound Effects Releases Cinematic Winds Sound Library

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Experience powerful wind recordings
from film sound legends Ann Kroeber & Alan Splet
Brooklyn, NY (March 28, 2017) – Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, recently released its latest library, Cinematic Winds. Featuring well over 3 hours of emotive, moody wind sound effects, Cinematic Winds is a unique collection recorded and designed by film sound legends Ann Kroeber and the late Alan Splet. Well known for their collaboration with David Lynch, Kroeber and Splet’s distinct sound design can be heard in dozens of films spanning multiple decades from countless renowned directors.
Throughout their careers, Kroeber and Splet created an extensive (and still growing) private archive of recordings known as Sound Mountain. Ann Kroeber has now partnered with Pro Sound Effects to release Cinematic Winds – an exclusive collection of wind sounds curated from the venerable Kroeber-Splet library – available now for 100% royalty-free use.
“Of all the sounds from our library, the wind recordings are some of the most iconic and evocative,” says Ann Kroeber. “I value the work Pro Sound Effects has done to make high-quality sound accessible to audio professionals everywhere, so I’m very excited to share this collection.”
Cinematic Winds includes 98 wind recordings with diverse, captivating moods: from eerie, lonely winds; to whirling, buffeting storm winds; to resonant interior winds in stairwells, tents, and pipes; to winds of nature over sand, snow, and water, through trees, mountains, and canyons. These artful sound effects will immediately bring powerful presence or subconscious emotional depth to any production.
  • 98 wind sound effects (3.3GB)
  • Over 3 hours of emotive, iconic wind recordings
  • Average file length: 01:57
  • 24-bit/48kHz broadcast WAV files
  • Descriptive embedded metadata
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Download or flash drive delivery (+$40)
  • Free Sampler available for download (4 sounds, 90MB)
The Cinematic Winds sound effects library is available now at $199 for a one-user lifetime license. A free sampler including four WAV files selected from the library is available for immediate download at
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