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After Touring For 2 Years in 19 Countries, Acclaimed Short Film MORNING AFTER Is Now Available Online

(Los Angeles, CA) – June 3rd, 2019.   Acclaimed short film Morning After, directed by award-winning director of Patricia Chica, has just been released online thanks to The Two Gay Geeks of The rapturous and enlightened coming-of-age drama delves into the topics of sexual fluidity and identity. This online release is intended to commemorate the International LGBTQ Pride Month happening in June each year.


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Morning After is produced by Patricia Chica (Flirt Films) and Byron A. Martin (Byron A. Martin Productions). Starring Thomas VallièresZoé de Grand MaisonJoey ScarpellinoJordana Lajoie and Kristian Hodko (who also wrote the script), this short presents a bold and playful drama for which director Chica used a very unique creative process involving chi energy, the laws of nature and the six senses. The use of vibrational energy was also applied by all heads of departments, from the cinematographer to the production designer, music composer and colorist.

“My directing approach is inspired by a combination of various modalities that I have studied and that I’ve practiced such as meditation, kundalini yoga, quantum mechanics, reiki, psychology, role-play and other related interpersonal dynamics. The intention is to create a state of flow between the physical, emotional, mental and metaphysical bodies of the actors to help them expand their performance to the highest and most profound level,explains filmmaker Patricia Chica.

“Over the past decade, I have been able to refine my process by testing it in my own work. Since my early career, I have extensively researched and experimented with chi energy and thanks to that, I’ve been able to develop a coherent system that blurs the lines between chi, performance and audiovisual storytelling,” she adds.

This making-of documentary shows an introduction of the process used in Morning After: 


After a long time abroad, a young man returns home and reunites with friends. A sensual game amongst them forces him to confront deep conflicts within himself that lead to a powerful awakening.


More about Morning After:

Morning After has garnered over 30 awards and nominations so far including Grand Prize – Ambassador’s Award (Rhode Island), Indie Spirit Award (Idyllwild), Best Overall Short (FilmOut San Diego), Best Director (Oaxaca, Magnolia, Studio City, Montreal), Best Actor (Montreal) and Best Ensemble Cast (Los Angeles), and been selected at over 80 film festivals around the world including (Festival de Cannes – Creative Minds Shorts SelectionFramelinePula InternationalImage + NationRVQCHong Kong LGBTTaiwan QueerLatino San DiegoGuadalajara in LA and many more).


Executive Producers: Marc Carle and Juan Grey;  Co-Executive Producers: Raj MaanBen RaguntonKeith LaneJessica Moreno, Lisa PowersTariq Rahman, and Andrew Wong; Line Producer: Kathy Wolf; Associate Producers: Lily Spencer, Dany GangeKevin T. Peterson, Rome Keshav Chopra, Bhavna Singh, Richard Duquette, and Bonni Ellis; Cinematographer: Martin Bouchard; Colourist: Nicolas Fournier; Art Director: Alexandre Piedon; VFX: Henry Lipatov; Sound: Bruno Carrières; Re-recording Mixer: Giulio Wehrli; Costumes: Josée Métivier; Makeup Artists: Steph Miramontes and Larysa Chernienko.

For more information about Morning After, please visit the following links:



Twitter – Director: @PatriciaChica

Twitter – Producer: @ByronAMartin

Instagram: @Chicatronica

Hashtag: #MorningAfterMovie

Director’s Site:

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Director-producer Patricia Chica is presently available for interviews, in English, French and Spanish.

Source: Flirt Films • +1 (310) 957-4508

Press Contact: Alix Legrand, ChicArt Public Relations •

MORNING AFTER - Teaser Trailer

Morning After


It only takes one moment to make our life shift.


After a long time abroad, a young man returns home and reunites with friends. A sensual game amongst them forces him to confront deep conflicts within himself that lead to a powerful awakening.


Michael just came back to his hometown after spending two years abroad. His friend Edward has organized a welcome party in his honor. While only knowing Edward, Michael quickly becomes friendly with the rest of the gang as they get involved in a provocative game of chocolate tasting and French-kissing.

The openness of the group makes Michael come face to face with a dilemma he’s had for quite some time; of not only questioning his own sexuality, but the notion of sexual identity as a whole, and are labels really necessary?

After a storm that leaves them soaked in the middle of the night, Michael finds the answer to all his questions, the Morning After.

Patricia Chica


Photo Credit: Maia Medilaharzu


Everything Patricia Chica directs wins multiple awards, gets selected at numerous film festivals and generates rave reviews. This daring, vivid and non-conforming Canadian-Latina director, writer, producer, editor and acting coach has created over 50 hours of content and garnered over 60 awards in her 20-year career.

Dread Central wrote “Patricia Chica is known for making bold, edgy, and visually striking independent films” and put her on the list of the “Rising Female Filmmakers.” Variety wrote that she is a prolific director of shorts and TV projects.”

A graduate from the Film Production department at Concordia University (with distinction), she specializes in high-quality character-driven content that depicts strong emotions, thought-provoking stories and a profound message.  Patricia Chica is an alumna of the TIFF Filmmaker Lab, CMPA Pre-Sales Pitches in L.A. program, Málaga MAFIZ Lab, SODEC_LAB in Cannes, as well as a recipient of the Temerty Family Fellowship – Share Her Journey Program.

Besides her personal independent film work, Chica has also directs and/or works as a producer on world-class primetime broadcast content for networks such as Showcase, Bravo!, MTV, Oxygen, ARTV, CBC, CBS, Travel Channel, UniMás, and El Rey Network just to name a few. She is perfectly fluent in English, Spanish and French and has built a loyal social media fan base and connections in those three markets.

Patricia Chica was born in war-torn El Salvador, grew up in Montreal, did her internship in Paris and has had professional residencies in New York, Orlando, Toronto and London. She has received support from the Canadian Arts Council, National Film Board of Canada, SODEC, CALQ, The Harold Greenberg Fund, and Telefilm Canada funding organizations. She is currently dividing her time between Montreal and Los Angeles and is represented by Shoreline Management in Beverly Hills, California.

Patricia Chica is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada, Women In Film and Film Fatales.​​


Morning After is a poignant and moving coming of age tale that perfectly captures the challenges and nuances of a young man’s “sexual transcendence” as he finally decides to explore and accept his sexual desires, and release what he has been holding back. The decisions he makes, amid the high stakes for his impulses, make Morning After a gripping, touching, and contemporary film for a new open minded generation.

Today with everyone more curious about sexual diversity, a modern youth culture is emerging that is hungry for new cinematic themes. Morning After gives voice to an underserved audience craving characters and stories that reflect their own unique experience, one that do not believe in labels. With its roots firmly planted in a universal narrative with an stylized and artistic approach, Morning After depicts an emotional journey that will outlive its time and continue to be relevant as the LGBTQ+ community and its identity issues touches more and more the general audience.

The cinematography and musical soundtrack of Morning After serve as vital storytelling tools, interweaving an aesthetic that rhythmically conveys the shifting thematic and emotional dynamic of Michael’s journey into discovering his sexuality and the relationships he forms with others as well as with himself. As per the writer’s intention, the script had subtle conflict. Therefore, in order to enhance the drama, I pushed for a kinetic style in the look, as well as in the edit, implementing an intimate feel that conveys Michael’s intense internal transformation. The story is mainly told from his point of view.

The relationship between Michael and the four other characters: Edward, Dana, Teegan and Alex is at the center of this story. In addition to getting captivating performances, I love to use the dynamics of this visual medium (color, composition, textures, saturation, rhythm and music) to its maximum potential to bring the dialogue to life. It’s exciting for me as a filmmaker to create the moments where the story transcends the imagination and becomes a vivid reflection of the crossroads between reality and emotions.

One of my primary goals is to get the highest performances from my actors. Morning After is a dynamic character piece with a humanistic story at its core, giving actors plenty of material to craft deep, multi-layered performances with.


I wanted to create a film that explores the idea of sexual fluidity and that also incorporates a creatively fluid approach to the storytelling. The viewer will come to the table with preconceived notions about the main character, Michael. However, whatever you think he is or isn’t, he will continue to defy your expectations. This is the core idea behind the notion of ‘no labels’ at the film’s heart. As you journey along Michael’s arc with him, his point of view will become yours, and we learn that all combinations are possible. And like a diamond, sexuality has many facets,” says director Patricia Chica.

Byron A. Martin


Photo Credit: Byron A. Martin Productions


Byron A. Martin is an award-winning producer that develops independent film, television and documentary projects. To date he has produced almost 70 hours of

television, filming projects in over twelve countries. He has produced projects for Disney, Sony, Universal and managed productions for some of Hollywood’s leading producers.

Byron has been a producing partner for Patricia Chica on her last three award-winning shorts.


Photo Credit: Flirt Films


Actors Zoé de Grand Maison (Teegan), Thomas Vallières (Michael) and Kristian Hodko (Edward).

Photo Credit: © Flirt Films


Actor Thomas Vallières (Michael).

Photo Credit: Flirt Films


Joey Scarpellino (Alex) and Thomas Vallières(Michael).

Photo Credit: Flirt Films


Jordana Lajoie (Dana) and Zoe de Grand Maison(Teegan).

Photo Credit: Flirt Films


Director Patricia Chica.

Photo Credit: Yohann Demers-Gingras, Flirt Films


Director Patricia Chica giving instructions to actors Kristian Hodko and Joey Scarpellino.

Photo Credit: Franco Maury, Flirt Films

Rehearsal Process involving Chi Energy with the Cast & Crew of “Morning After”.

© Flirt Films

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