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Pride Media Owner Donates (Again!) To Anti-LGBTQ Politicians therandyreport.com

Adam Levin, owner of the parent company of Pride Media – which publishes The Advocate and Out – has been caught donating to anti-LGBT republicans.
From Stonewall to AIDS to the Fight for LGBT+ Rights
By Valerie Milano

Palm Springs, CA (The Hollywood Times) 10/1/20 – If this is factual—this man is beyond dangerous. The owner of the largest and most respected gay publication needs to be eliminated from the planet. And, I do mean eliminated. In a time that racism and intolerance should have been left in the past—but never forgotten, Levin needs to be made a screaming example to America and to the world. Certainly, after the government, President Reagan—supposedly a public servant and a president whose job was to see to the protection and well-being of ALL Americans. But, because of his prejudices, it took him some-four years to speak the acronym: AIDS. As a result, thousands of men, some children, and women suffered extremely painful deaths. Reagan’s hands, at the time, were covered in the blood of those human beings he and our government turned their back on. His egregious lack-of-action furthermore impeded the advancement of research that would have saved more lives.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning, Eric Trump (the other son of the president) caused a bit of a stir when it seemed he came out of the closet as a member of the LGBT community. Eric Trump, Charlie Kirk (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr – CC License)

Bigoted white men have been slaughtering non-white human beings in this country to the point of genocide and near-extinction, starting with the indigenous people of this land we have referred to as America for some-244 years because of their prejudices and for the theft of some 1.5 billion acres of their land for white settlers, sanctioned by the U.S government. Including enslavement, starvation, the rape of women, young men, and children. That continued with the slavery of human beings ripped from their families and homelands, chained, marched to ships, and shackled to their bows and stolen across seas to work under the fear of death and ungodly conditions. Thousands of those slaves also met a similar fate of those indigenous people. Then, there is the continued horrendous treatment inflicted on freed slaves and their ancestors some-100 years after the abolishment of slavery in January of 1865—and it continues today.

With all the murders of people of color, gays, transgender human beings—anyone perceived as “other,” when are we going to shoot back? When education doesn’t bring a stop to racism and intolerance—when the world was made diverse from day one, there is only one cure. Trump has fueled that racism and intolerance by his fearmongering and his prejudices, that have raced across America like the virus it is. For the past three years, he has made attacks on the LGBT+ community as he targets transgender human beings in policy rollbacks, including healthcare. It’s time for another revolution. Most people fear death. I say let it start knocking at some doors. Enough is enough!
Adam Levin, the owner of Oreva Capital, the parent company of Pride Media—the media brand representing LGBTQ legacy publications The Advocate and Out, has broken his 2018 pledge never to donate money to anti-LGBTQ Republicans.