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Poolside Comedy in Palm Springs – that’s a Wrap!

By Jenn Corday

Palm Springs, CA (The Hollywood Times) 9/25/22 – Creator of Firefly Shine’s Jaimy Thompson presented a poolside comedy show featuring Suzanne Westenhoefer’s Big Dyke Energy at artist Nancy Worthington’s house in Palm Springs. The event was targeting the OGs of the original Dinah, a 50+ crowd of lesbians and queers.

Art lovers and guests at Shag (Photo: THT)

It was a warm and balmy evening, and we went to the Shag Gallery open house on our way to the party.  If you don’t know who Shag is, check out his art, which drips with Palm Springs style and sass. Shag himself was there to sign your swag, and there was an open bar, which put our friend, who will remain nameless, over the edge. Cocktails provided by Leslie Barclay of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits.  We were assigned the task of getting our intoxicated friend to the event, which was somewhat challenging.

Upon arrival at Big Dyke Energy, guests were treated to a tour of Nancy Worthington’s private museum. Nancy produces huge sculptures, mostly pieces making political statements with humorous undertones, and they are always completely bizarre and fascinating!

The backyard was buzzing with energy and was nicely set up with tables and chairs surrounding a beautifully lit pool and a stage built over the hot tub. A cash donation bar that benefitted mental health awareness and suicide talk (STAY) was tended by the super cool Cindi, and they had drinks flowing for a good cause. A classy food spread had fruits, nuts, cheeses, and tasty treats. A lit pergola with ample seating filled the backyard and the gals gathered for the show.
Suzanne finally hit the stage and jumped into her comedic repertoire which covered topics from lesbian behavior during Covid, to DNA research and the exhausting lesbian orgasm.
Celebrating a quarter century career, Suzanne is a trailblazer, and the first openly gay lesbian to have her own show on HBO, so it was a treat to have her. There was some frustration with the noise level happening at the back bar, but this is to be expected from a gaggle of ladies left unchaperoned. There was an unexpected interruption when a birthday cake for someone in the audience was delivered to the stage. It caused a little commotion but Suzanne moved on with the show like a pro. Next the cops came. Apparently the decibals were too high or she said “fuck” one too many times, but a neighbor was not pleased. The show continued regardless, and the po-po did not reappear. It was a lovely night under the stars, so the ladies stayed a bit, and I hear the after-party was a moonlight swim. Ooh- Lala.