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Photographer to the Stars and Influencers, Amy Priar of Indigo Creativ 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 11/30/2019 –Amy Priar had been working as an Independent Contractor for various marketing, social media & photography gigs for quite some time, but finally decided to start her own company, Indigo Creativ. With her roster of Influencers, Celebrities, and Entrepreneurs she offers social media marketing, branding and photography. She absolutely loves helping people build their own brand based on the amazing qualities she can see first hand.


When did your journey begin? 

Amy Priar: I grew up outside of Philadelphia and attended Temple University as a Marketing Major. I wasn’t completely sold on the road my education told me to follow. I felt like I was always being pushed down a corporate path but I knew I was too creative to sit in a cubicle all day. Almost immediately after graduation, I packed up my life and headed to sunny San Diego with my best friend. I had no job, very little money, but I know good things were on the horizon.


Have you always been a creative? 

Amy Priar: Yes, I have always been more creative than anything. I wish I would have had more artistic hobbies growing up, but photography has always been a constant for me. I was the girl in grade school who snuck her camera to recess to take photos of all my friends.

Tell us about Indigo Creativ. 

Amy Priar: I decided to launch my company after many years of working as an independent contractor doing various Social Media and Marketing projects. Once I started obtaining long-term clients, I was always contracting photographers when it clicked to me one day that I could easily combine my job with my passion to create one killer career.


You have a great portfolio of Influencers. Why do Influencers come to you? 

Amy Priar: Thank you! I think they come to me because I truly enjoy learning about every client’s brand and figuring out how I can take photos for them that will appeal to their ideal audience. I believe that in itself makes me unique, but I also offer an experience that lasts longer than a typical shoot. I love treating my clients to a day of fun and adventure with multiple locations and outfit changes, as well as a social media plan using the photos. Due to my marketing background, I take photos that I know will optimize their online presence.


What do you enjoy most about working with clients? 

Amy Priar: I enjoy meeting new people, learning their stories and most of all I enjoy making my clients feel confident.


You have a great vision for helping individuals to build their brands. Can you share the process? 

Amy Priar: Sure! I recently worked with an amazing woman who is big in the Liver Transplant Community. She wanted to use her platform to inspire people and bring awareness to the trials and tribulations she undergoes daily. We scheduled a 5-hour shoot, which included about 8 different locations with an outfit change at each. Aside from shots regarding her transplant, I made sure to take photos of her doing natural things such as sipping coffee, reading a book, doing yoga, writing in her planner, etc. I call these “filler photos,” and I think they are SUPER important. Your followers are going to want to support you doing relatable activities that are cohesive with the rest of your page.

After the shoot, I edited the photos to match the vibe she wanted to go with and then planned an entire month (30 days) worth of posts; including feed and stories. She knew she eventually wanted to take over posting herself, but this was a good start for her and we were able to track which photos performed the best in terms of engagement.

How important is collaboration? 

Amy Priar: Collaboration is extremely important! In a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people, it is nice to take a step back and realize we are all humans working towards a similar goal. Why not help each other and meet a new friend in the process?

Can you share some of your recent photoshoots? What did you enjoy most? 

Amy Priar: I do a lot of shoots on the beach and around Sunset Cliffs. Living in San Diego is such a huge perk because everywhere is so beautiful. One of my favorite photoshoot styles is to first audit a client’s page and pull some colors, advise outfit choices based on that, and then drive around Ocean Beach for an hour or two; stopping wherever we find a cool car, fence, alley- pretty much anything that goes with their aesthetic, and then end the shoot around Golden Hour on the cliffs.

I did exactly that last week with a local musician, Kayla Ralson. We had such a blast driving around, listening to good tunes, and finding the perfect hidden gems that will go seamlessly with her page. I especially enjoy how fast-paced this process is and how much content I can obtain for each client in a decently short amount of time.

What can celebrities expect when working with you? 

Amy Priar: Celebrities can expect a high-quality experience with a down-to-earth individual who genuinely loves creating with new people.

How important are aesthetics?

Amy Priar: Extremely! Although I have never gotten down with the whole preset phase everyone else seems to be into, I do fully believe in having a consistent color scheme and voice throughout your page. Colors are more than just a visual aid; they convey emotions, feelings, and experiences and people will associate you with the colors you regularly use (i.e. I post a lot of blue hues on my page stemming from the name of my company and my love for the ocean.)

In one sentence describe your style of photography. 

If I had to narrow it down, I would say I combine lifestyle photography with branding photography because I like to tell my client’s story through photos to meet their goals; whether that be to make money, inspire an audience, gain a following, or to simply feel good about themselves.

IG- @indigocreativ