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By Judy Shields

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Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times)  5/13/2019 – “The Time Machine was built into a Refrigerator and Doc Brown had to haul it around in the back of a pickup truck and the whole nuclear aspect of it all was a major set piece of the early drafts and it was too expensive to do.  In 1984 the John DeLorean trial was going on and they decided to go with the DeLorean.” Bob Gale told the invited media and VIP guest.


Right to Left – Moderator Scott Mantz (acclaimed film critic); Bob Gale (co-creator of BTTF), Michael Scheffe (automotive designer), Dennis McCarthy (movie car coordinator), Harald Belker (automotive designer), (MISSING NAME) and George Hull (film designer)

The Petersen Musuem had a preview night for media and VIP guest on Saturday, May 4th and what a great event.  They started off with a panel discussion which was moderated by acclaimed film critic, Scott Mantz.  Bob Gale (co-creator of BTTF), Michael Scheffe (automotive designer), Dennis McCarthy (movie car coordinator), Harald Belker (automotive designer), __________ and George Hull (film designer).

Bob Gale spoke about the making of Back to the Future, all three films and told a story about the DeLorean and how they decided to use that car instead of a Ford Mustang.  Read the quote above about the DeLorean. Each of the panelist had amazing stories to tell about the films they were all involved with, like Bladerunner, Fast and the Furious, Mad Max and Back to the Future.

E.M. Fedric with Michael Scheffe (automotive designer)

The Hollywood Times reporter Eva-Maria had the opportunity to speak with Harald Belker about his involement with Bob Gale on Back to the Future.

The upcoming exhibit “Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy” will prominently feature an immersive mixed reality look inside the Time Machine from “Back to the Future” and the Warthog from the “Halo” franchise using Microsoft HoloLens technology.

Petersen Museum with the DeLorian (Photo Petersen Museum)

“Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy” exhibit was one of the Hollywood Movie car exhibits in the area.  It was a unique and immersive mixed-reality experience powered by Microsoft HoloLens. The display, named “Hollywood Dream Machines: Worlds Reimagined,” was the center of attention preview night this past weekend at the opening reception and panel.  It centers around the iconic Time Machine from “Back to the Future” and the famed Warthog from the “Halo” franchise.

It opened to the public on May 5th. The experience offers guests an inside look at these legendary sci-fi machines.


Using Microsoft HoloLens, “Back to the Future” co-creator and producer Bob Gale will guide fans into the world of Hill Valley to tour the ins and outs of the legendary Time Machine.

Halo fighters



For those looking to explore the “Halo” universe, the “Monitor” 343 Guilty Spark will offer guests an inside look at the systems and weaponry of the mighty Warthog.

Judy and the DeLorean wearing HoloLens and experiencing Back to the Future

This mixed-reality experience was really cool, so don’t miss being a part of it. I did not even know anything about “Halo” but it was awesome to see it using the Microsoft HoloLens.  Experiencing the “Back to the Future” with Bob Gale’s voice walking you through it made it even more realistic with his books on tape voice. I wanted to do it all over again.  I will definitely take my grandsons to see this exhibit and experience the Microsoft HoloLens first thing.

On a side note, Bob  Gale told The Hollywood Times that he is involved with the making of Back to the Future play.  It will be happening in London and not doubt it will make its way to Broadway here in the States.

Halo 4 Vehicle – THT Judy experiencing HoloLens


Produced in collaboration with Comic-Con with additional support by Microsoft and Audi, other key vehicles in the “Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy” explores the important role of automobiles and their fictional equivalents within sci-fi and fantasy movies, television shows and video games.  In imagined, often dystopian, worlds, which are at once familiar and foreign, automobiles offer a critical tie to our own experience of reality.  This exhibition present over 50 such vehicles in four distinct spaces, offering varied perspectives for examining these fantastical products of Hollywood’s creative visioning.

2089 Weyland RT01 Transport driven in Prometheus 2012


Info about vehicle on dispaly

In the parking garage (Porte Cochere) you can find Prometheus (2012); Famous Cars (2019); Jurassic Park (1993); RoboCop (2014) and The Hunger Games Series (2013-2015)

1992 Ford Explorer XLT Tour Vehicle Jurassic Park (1993)


Iron Man Tony Stark’s car Audi R8 (Photo THT)

1st Floor – Peter and Merle Mullin Artistry Floor (David and Ginny Sydorick Grand Concourse) you will find Iron Man (2008); Iron Man 2 (2010) what awesome cars!;

1978 Ford Mustang II King Cobra driven by Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, (2017) the car Kurt Russell was driving; Black Panther (2018) another favorite of mine; Destiny (2014); Minority Report (2002); Blade Runner 2049 (2017); Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

2018 Lexus LC 500 Inspiration Series driven in Black Panther (2018)

3rd Floor – Otis Booth History Floor (Hollywood Gallery) you will find Batman: The Movie(1996); Batman (1966-1968); The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964-1968); The Green Hornet (1966-1967); Death Race 2000 (1975); Knight Rider (1982-1986);

K.I.T.T. Knight Rider 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am (Photo THT)


Robocop (1987); Back to the Future II (1989); Speed Racer (2008); Die Another Day (2002); Robocop (2014); Ghost in the Shell (2017)

1st Floor – Peter and Merle Mullin Artistry Floor (Mullin Family Grand Salon) you will also find Back to the Future (1985); TRON: Legacy (2010); A Clockwork Orange (1971); Priest (2011); Star Wars: A New Hope (1977);

1974 XB Ford Falcon Coupe – Mad Max’s car in Fury Road (2015)

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) In my opinion the best cars ever!; Terminator Salvation (2009);

1934 Chevy 5 Window Couple “The Nax Car” Mad Max Fury Road (2015)

Bumblebee (2018); Halo 4 (2012); Batman (1989); The Dark Knight (2008); Batman: The Movie (1966); Batman (1966-1968) and Blade Runner (1982)

Bumblebee Transforms into 1967 VW Beetle Bumblebee Movie (2018)

The exhibit will include the 2016 Audi R8 from “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Captain America: Civil War,” the 2035 Audi RSQ from “I Robot,” the Weyland Industries RT01 Group Transport from “Prometheus,” the 2008 Audi R8 from “Iron Man,” Bumblebee from the “Transformers” series, the GM Ultralight from “Demolition Man,” several Batmobiles, along with over 40 additional iconic Hollywood vehicles, artwork, props and costumes.

1955 Lincoln Futura Batmobile driven by Adam West Batman TV Show (1966-1968)
Batman protecting his Batmobile (Photo THT)

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering again with the Petersen on a second mixed reality experience for their guests,” said Ryan Gaspar, Director of Brand Partnerships at Microsoft. “Leveraging Microsoft HoloLens as a means of enhancing the rich stories of ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Halo’ is an incredibly fitting use of the technology.”

The DeLorean – Time Machine in Back to The Future (1985)

“Hollywood Dream Machines” will run through March 15, 2020. To purchase tickets to the exhibit opening reception, please visit For more information about the Petersen Automotive Museum, please visit

Terminator (Photo THT)

“Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy” with regular admission to the museum ($16 for adults, $14 for seniors, $11 for ages 4–17)

Partners and supporters Microsoft | Audi USA | | Comic-Con Museum

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Tron (Photo THT)
2054 Lexus Maglev POD used in Minority Report (2002) Harold Baker (automotive designer) talking with
Lightning McQueen from Pixar’s Cars (Photo THT)