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Peter Lewis, CEO of Worldcast Live: Creating Targeted VIP Experiences for Users and Brands

By Debra Wallace
Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/21/21
Peter Lewis is the founder and CEO of Worldcast Live, a leading media streaming platform that connects you to your audience via their patented software, UniMerse.
The cutting company offers clients live multi-party streaming solutions to engage with customers, prospects, employees, partners, and more, anywhere in the world. Worldcast Live creates targeted VIP experiences for users and brands, revenue-generating opportunities, one and two-way streaming, augmented reality and points rewards, and cashless food ordering services in an ecosystem that allows all entities to interact on one platform.
Peter, you have spent 20-plus years in the financial and software industries. Share your background.
After completing my Master’s in computer science, there was the challenge of finding my first job. In my search, I was hired by a small Software company in midtown Manhattan to help develop custom software for the dental industry. As with any project, I immersed myself in the dental sector to produce the best features assigned to me. Working with a small team required me to understand all the software development cycle facets.
This fun and challenging opportunity propelled my tech skills. It helped mold me into the software engineer I needed to be, so I moved on to the life insurance sector after a short time, where I spent a year building custom software for a life insurance carrier. While working for the life insurance carrier, I wanted to challenge myself more, so I set my goals on Wall Street. I had two separate interviews before I landed the second opportunity to work at Morgan Stanley in the mutual funds department doing reconciliations. During my eight years at Morgan Stanley, I increased my leadership and problem-solving skills while gaining a general understanding of how successful organizations work and operate.
You are an expert in understanding how small businesses can create revenue stream opportunities by integrating emerging technology into their business model for sustainability and staying ahead of the competition. How are you helping small businesses today?  
COVID-19 has shown the world the importance of technology related to everyday business and staying connected in the “new normal,” as they would say. Many businesses were caught off guard because they never adopted emerging and sustainable digital technology into their business infrastructure. Small businesses were hit the hardest in scaling up to use technology quickly because it can be costly if not working with the right professionals.
The team at Worldcast Live has been able to help many small businesses by showing them the power of running lead generation ads, proper setup of an effective website, mastering tools like video editing, and using creative ways to drive foot traffic back into their establishment. It is not easy work, but small businesses are the country’s backbone, and we need to do our part to ensure they get through these challenging times.
Please tell us about Worldcast Live.
Worldcast Live is a live cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology company that uses live interactive streaming, content management tools, marketing, loyalty programs, and gamification features to entertain, retain and incentivize consumer engagement and guest experiences. 
How is Worldcast Live a game-changer?
Worldcast Live platform focuses on the user experience, so every feature is customizable, easy to use, and highly engaging to amplify the user or consumer experience. Worldcast Live stands out from other technology-driven platforms because it offers one-and two-way global live streaming, Pay-Per-View (PPV) options, live chat, cutting-edge augmented reality technology, cashless beacon location-based food ordering services, and loyalty points within one highly interactive software ecosystem.
Talk to us about the features.
The Worldcast Live platform has two modules: the live web-based portal where clients can embed into their website features such as interactive streaming, content management, user management, workflow tools, and payment systems. The second module is the Unimerse app that focuses on consumer incentives such as points rewards, gamified augmented reality brand rewards, QR Code redemption, and cashless food ordering for large events to help reduce long lines. This all-in-one system allows users to combine all these tools to make a complete platform that engages users before, during, and after events.
What excites you the most about your technology? What is your vision for the future?
Technology has the power to make the world a better place. The Worldcast Live platform can benefit all business sectors, including entertainment, hospitality, events, sports, restaurants, and more. What makes our technology truly groundbreaking is the ability to integrate into all industries seamlessly while helping bridge the digital gap for business owners. From a small business owner in a rural town to a business in a large metropolitan community, Worldcast Live provides an all-in-one emerging technology platform that levels the playing field.
Do you plan on any additions to your platform? 
As technology emerges in different business sectors, we are always excited about finding ways to integrate new experiences into our platform, including AR, VR, metaverse, and more.
For more information go to, www.worldcastlive.com