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Pet Friendly Interior Design

Looking back on my projects I can’t think of more than one or two of my clients that didn’t have pets.  It seems like everyone I’ve worked with has at least one dog, if not more, and the occasional cat, horse, bird, etc. thrown in somewhere!  And going through photos of my clients’ fur babies and mine, I find myself wanting to show you way more photos of “my adorable pets” than anyone really wants to see.  But this is what we as a society are moving towards; treating our pets like our children.

And we do love our fur babies.  Especially now, when we need that unconditional love, comfort, and playful personalities that they offer us without fail.  How can we repay them for their gifts?  As a designer, I focus on the environment that my clients want me to create for them to live in.  But as a pet owner and animal lover I find that it has always been a concern for me when interviewing clients and observing their lifestyles to incorporate their pets’ comfort, care, and safety into the scope of the project.

We also know instinctively, or if you need statistics, through studies, that we benefit from having these guys around.  Right now, the shelters have been emptied out.  Animals help alleviate stress, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, make you laugh, help you stay in shape, if you’re walking them, and overall, just love the heck out of you for no particular reason except that animals just love.

I planned to write about how to create a pet friendly environment in your home by specifying particular fabrics and selecting sturdy and well-made furniture, but I actually just want to say, that although we are going through an incredibly tough time right now, and we are leaning on our pets for support, please realize that they are also counting on us.  They are a responsibility. They take time, money, and love.  When we go back to work and return to our “new normal” please consider how you will ensure that your fur babies are cared for and supported the way they are supporting us now.

Dorothy Willetts

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