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Peppa Pig Chinese New Year “Peppasode” Tues., Feb. 5 at 9am on Nickelodeon

The episode, which includes relatable stories for young viewers, focuses on this very special holiday and will help inspire kids and families to celebrate along with Peppa.

It’s the Year of the Pig, and Madame Gazelle teaches the children in Peppa’s playgroup about Chinese New Year! The group celebrates with lanterns and fireworks, and makes a wonderful dragon costume. Together they enjoy celebrating the traditions of a different culture as they work together to create the decorations. And a new ’The Panda Twins’ story, airing in conjunction with the Chinese New Year premiere, introduces two new characters – Peggi and Pandora, the twin daughters of Police Officer Panda.

In addition to these timely and festive new stories, Peppa and Suzy Sheep decide to start a Secret Club, where they will go on secret missions together; Madame Gazelle hosts Talent Day in playgroup; and Peppa and her little brother George get to gaze at the shining stars with Mummy and Daddy Pig through a telescope!

Every new “Peppasode” of the top-rated animated series for preschoolers features five engaging stories that bring viewers along as Peppa learns and grows with help from her family and friends.

This is a great animation show for the younger kids, so don’t miss the opportunity to tune in tomorrow morning and learn with your kids about Chinese New Year.  Peppa Pig

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