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PBS series, “Breakthrough: The Ideas That Changed The World” on Wednesday, May 8 at 10 p.m

Series advocate in Germany at the original Carl Benz Automuseum; riding on the Bertha Benz car Credit: BIGGER BANG COMMUNICATIONS LTD

EPISODE 4: THE CAR – Premiere Date: Wednesday, May 8, 10-11 p.m. ET


Go for a ride through the 9,000-year history of the ultimate freedom machine: the car.

PBS, the preeminent go-to destination for engaging, enlightening and entertaining programming, brings viewers a mind-blowing, science-led journey through human history with its new weekly series,BREAKTHROUGH: THE IDEAS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD. Told through six iconic objects that modern people take for granted, the six-part series shows how science invention and technology built on one another to change everything.


On Wednesday, May 8 at 10-11 p.m. ET, tune into the premiere of the series’ fourth episode, “The Car,” to go for a ride through the 9,000-year history of humankind’s ultimate freedom machine. The car has transformed the world and revolutionized how humans live, and its development is an incredible story full of astonishing twists and unlikely turns. From its roots in dogsleds to Henry Ford’s affordable and assembly line-built Model T, viewers will also meet the scientists working on the next generation of self-driving automobiles.

Featured Visionaries:

Thomas Newcomen, British Engineer & Inventor

A Baptist preacher and blacksmith who invented the atmospheric steam engine – the first practical fuel-burning engine – in 1712. His invention led to the development of James Watt’s engine.


John “Iron-Mad” Wilkinson, English Industrialist

Pioneered the use of cast iron during the Industrial Revolution. His invention, the precision boring machine, created cast iron cylinders which were eventually used in James Watt’s steam engines.


James Watt, Scottish Inventor, Mechanical Engineer & Chemist

An instrument maker who invented the steam engine, which played an integral role in the Industrial Revolution. He improved Thomas Newcomen’s steam engine with his Watt steam engine in 1776.


Karl Friedrich Benz, German Engine Designer and Automobile Engineer

He invented the world’s first practical automobile powered by an internal-combustion engine – known as the Motorwagen or Motorcar – in 1885 and secured the patent – Benz Patent-Motorwagen Nummer 1 – in January 1886.

Bertha Benz, German Automotive Pioneer

She was the driver of the world’s first long distance test drive, the inventor of the world’s first brake pads and staged the world’s first automobile publicity stunt.

Henry Ford, American Industrialist & Founder of Ford Motor Company

Creator of one of the earliest prototypes of a gas-fueled vehicle called the Quadricycle, which helped solve New York City’s horse manure problem. He heavily promoted and sponsored factory production of automobiles resulting in his company producing a Model T an average of 24-seconds.

William “Pa” Klann, Ford Motor Company Production Engineer

A visit to Chicago’s Swift & Company’s slaughter house assembly line inspired the mass production of Henry Ford Motor Company’s auto parts.

On-Camera Experts:

Alice Roberts, Osteoarcheologist, Anatomist, Author & Broadcaster

Danny Forster, Architect

Robert Hurford, Wheelwright/Chariot Maker  

Jim Al-Khalili, Professor of Theoretical Physics University of Surrey

Jutta Kleinschmidt, German Race Car Driver

Chris Geddes, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

Jay Leno, Car Enthusiast/Collector and TV Personality

Richard Kaner, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA

BREAKTHROUGH: THE IDEAS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD is a six-part series documenting how humans changed the world forever. Taking viewers through a mind-blowing journey through human history, the series is told through six iconic objects that modern people take for granted. Each object – the telescope, airplane, robot, car, rocket and smart phone – is the culmination of a long-held human dream to explore, communicate and find one’s place in the universe.

Through incredible, lesser-known stories of familiar history, the series captures the secrets of the modern world through surprising accidents, colorful characters, joy and despair.  Often stretching to the beginning of human civilization itself, each hour-long episode shares thousands of years of thought, struggle, determination and insight. Featuring passionate visionaries who faced triumphs and challenges – ridicule, poverty and in some cases, death – these revolutionary individuals advanced humankind with breakthrough after breakthrough. The series reveals how science, invention and technology built on one another to change everything – a process that continues to this very day.

A new episode of BREAKTHROUGH: THE IDEAS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD debuts every Wednesday at 10-11 p.m. ETon PBS, and the PBS Video App (check local listings). The series is available for streaming simultaneously on all station-branded PBS platforms, including and the PBS Video App, available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast. PBS station members will be available to view all episodes via Passport (contact your local PBS station for details). Beginning July 9, 2019,  the series will be available on DVD and via digital download from PBS Distribution at

BREAKTHROUGH: THE IDEAS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD is a production of BIGGER BANG COMMUNICATIONS, LTD. The executive producers are Ben Bowie and Iain Riddick, and the series producer is Tim Green. The series is narrated by Patrick Stewart.


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