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PBS Celebrates the Outdoors with New Eps and Specials from Fan-Fave Series Wild Kratts, Alma’s Way, Nature Cat and Cyberchase – All Spring Long!


In addition to the upcoming premieres, viewers can tune-in to seasonal episodes from fan-favorite series, including Arthur, Clifford the Big Red DogDinosaur TrainElinor Wonders Why, and more.

Nature Cat – New episodes premiere April 17-20 

Tally ho! Nature Cat, Hal, Squeeks, and Daisy will embark on exciting outdoor adventures, helping all sorts of friends along the way! The gang will head to the desert in search of the perfect cactus for Quentin Bearantino’s latest Western movie (starring Nature Cat!), go head-to-head with a pack of wolves at Mystic Pinecone Park, look for the perfect energy source to pull floats in the Pet Parade, and observe wild animals to see if they have fun.  

  • “The Legend of Cowboy Kitty/The Corn Conundrum” – Premieres April 17  
  • “Window Worries/The Pinecone Genie” – Premieres April 18 
  • “The Parade of Pets/Hal’s Pals” – Premieres April 19 
  • “Living on the Edge/Wild World of Wild Play in the Wild” – Premieres April 20 

Cyberchase — New Season and One Hour Special Premieres on April 21 on PBS KIDS Video App, Episodes to also air on the PBS KIDS 24/7 Channel in April and May

In “Weather or Not”, an all-new Earth Day special, the CyberSquad is sent to Stellandia, where the weather is the opposite of life back on Earth – it’s extremely hot. With some help from a young beetle that lives on the planet, they discover a mysterious green cloud that’s causing Stellandia to overheat. The source? It’s Hacker! Families will join the crew as they put a stop to Hacker all while learning about weather and climate. And in even more science-themed fun, families will also learn about other topics such as earth & space science and ecosystems in two additional episodes. 

  • “Clean-Up on Isle 8” – Premieres April 21
  • “Trees, please” – Premieres April 21

Alma’s Way – New episodes premiere April 24-26

New episodes of Alma’s Way will follow Alma and her friends on their outdoor fun in the city, which includes a neighborhood game of stickball and a trip to the beach!   

  • “Alma’s Cat-tastrophe/Stickball!” – Premieres April 24  
  • “Harper’s Quick Change/All Rapped Up” – Premieres April 25 
  • “The Beach Blahs/The Last Sand Castle” – Premieres April 26  

Wild Kratts  New episodes premiere May 22-25 

Chris and Martin’s newest creature adventures will have families learning about the science of smell, animal intelligence, habitat niche, and scientific classification, all while getting to know some really cool animals! 

  • “Outfoxed” – Premieres May 22
  • “Clever the Raven” – Premieres May 23
  • “Race to Goat Mountain” – Premieres May 24
  • “No Name Dream” – Premieres May 25