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Pastor Waid Scarbrough, CEO of the mobile ministry, HoLy Ghost Busters founded by visionary Shannon Jackson, CEO of Shay-J Entertainment

By Jules Lavallee 

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 4/10/2021 –  The Hollywood Times spoke with Pastor Waid Scarbrough about the Discipleship at California Worship Center in North Hollywood, CA and his partnership with Shannon Jackson, CEO of Shay-J Entertainment, HoLy Ghost Busters.

“Everything begins and ends with a relationship. God is in the people business. I have always been fascinated with developing relationships with people.”- Pastor Waid Scarbrough

Tell us about your background as a Pastor for the Discipleship at California Worship Center. 

I was invited by my Elder from a previous church we attended together, to be a part of the ministry his son Warryn Campbell was starting and currently the Sr. Pastor. The interesting part of the way we came together is growing up off 120th and Vermont in South Central Los Angeles, my elder and his family not only lived off 52nd and Normandie near my neighborhood but also attended a church that fellowshipped with my home church. Our paths had been crossing since a young age. I was licensed as a minister with my previous ministry, the Pastor Warryn Campbell honored based on the recommendation of his father. I started April 5th, 2015 as a licensed minister with California Worship Center. I served my way without any expectation of titles and then Pastor Warryn called me into his office and said we are ordaining you as Pastor of Discipleship on June 4th, 2017. The best part of the conversation was when Pastor Warryn said we are elevating you because I had already been walking in the position without the title. My responsibilities had increased as expected. “To whom much is given, much is required”. Some of my responsibilities are newly licensed ministers, men’s ministry, assisting with intercessors, ushers, and greeters, and helping in various capacities as needed.

Your experience is in various areas of ministry, relationship, counseling, and leadership. Tell us about the individuals who come to you and how you help them?

Pastor Waid Scarbrough

Everything begins and ends with a relationship. God is in the people business. I have always been fascinated with developing relationships with people. I have an extensive background in various areas, transformational workshops (relationship building), leadership training, mentoring clinics, building a financial company, real estate, insurance, counseling and network marketing. Through all my experiences I have built relationships and a reputation for helping others. It is once again humbling that parents, singles, couples, entrepreneurs, and leaders of industry ask for advice, counseling, coaching, or to be just a sounding board when they just want to vent without judgement or gossip. I live by two sayings “my best ability is availability” and people don’t care what you know until they know how much you care”. Based on results, this is the message I pray people see and that I continually convey.

You are the CEO of a mobile ministry called HoLy Ghost Busters founded in 2014 by visionary Shannon Jackson of Shay-J Entertainment. Tell us more. 

HoLy Ghost Busters (HGB) is a mobile ministry that Shannon Jackson founded in 2014 in order to help people who have been mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally abused. I met this powerful woman at California Worship Center in North Hollywood, CA. We immediately connected and as we began to form a friendship through the ministry, Shay started to share her vision God had given her. I immediately fell in love with the vision because I have always been about helping people get from where they are to where God needs them to be. When Shay shared how the HGB process consisted of healing, growth, and reminding people your past is not who you are, that God created you to be more, I was immediately in. Shay said wait there’s more. I said let me hear it. Shay explained that deliverance can open up through developing plans for people to get their life on track with God, through therapy and commitment to oneself, then placing them back in the workplace or be entrepreneurs if they wanted to be. There is a plan to develop 300 men to be six figure earners through a mentorship program. It was simply a no- brainer for me. I knew I was destined to Help Shay-J Entertainment and HoLy Ghost Busters be all Shannon envisioned it to be. The first thing we did back in September of 2020 is have a bible study for HGB called “A Night Of Understanding” which was amazing. We have had two installments with the third coming soon.

What do you enjoy most about working with Shannon Jackson?

Shannon Jackson, CEO of Shay-J Entertainment

Well Shannon is a fireball. Walking ball of energy. Shay knows what she wants, how she wants it, and how to get there by listening to God. Shannon has a heart for people that is priceless in this day and age, where self preservation is the predominant theme. Shannon is and always has been, since I have known her, about the people. We talk everyday and she is always talking about what needs to be done so people can win. The passion, love, care and expertise Shannon has is definitely something I can support and get behind. Working with someone that views you as a partner and asset, that actually cares about your well being as a leader, is something I very much enjoy about working with Shannon Jackson.

Shay-J Entertainment was created in June of 2013 and has an outside-of-the-box concept to join with other companies and visionaries and help each other create a new entity of business to bring a new genre of music and film to America.

Pastor, how important is mentorship to you?

Mentorship is paramount. My favorite story in the bible is Elijah and Elisha. The ultimate story about mentorship next to Ruth and Noami. I preached a sermon called Mentorship The Double Guarantee. It is really hard to fail when we are mentored by someone. I had mentors in every area of success I experienced! For example, I was trained in ministry by Pastor Maxie James at God’s Grace Covenant Church in Northridge, Ca and Pastor Sarah Morgan at Trees of Righteousness in Inglewood California on Thursday nights. If someone is unwilling to be mentored, being coachable, teachable by someone that can help you get to the next level, then failure is most likely imminent. The bible is very clear about “iron sharpening iron”. The only way the irons can be sharp is if they are touching. The irons must be in proximity to each other. The same for mentorship, we all must be in proximity to another that can help us achieve our Divine Greatness.

What do you enjoy most about being a Pastor. 

God’s people, without question, is what I enjoy about being a pastor. Helping get someone from where they are to where God needs them to be. Of course I can not share specifics on cherished moments because of confidentiality. Maintaining the trust between those I may help is very important. But I can speak in generalities like, when I pray for someone that may call, text or see me in person and then the person tells you later that God answered the prayer, or when a single mother gives me permission to give her feedback on how to talk to her child, or a fellow brother seeking advice on his marriage because he is at his wits end. One story means a great deal to me, there is a couple that went to the previous church I served in before this one. I saw them visiting this current ministry, altar call was going on at the time, I see them in the crowd, I was glad to see them, God told me to go pray for them and I did. The couple came to me after service, hugged me, and said thank you how did you know? I said know what? They said we were going through it and we needed prayer. They both eventually joined the ministry and are one our strongest power couples. I fellowship with them all the time and the husband always tells me if it wasn’t for you I would not be here. That warms my heart when God can use me to impact someone’s life, marriage, career, and/or relationship with Him.

What challenges do you see as a result of the pandemic? 

Pastor Waid Scarbrough

We will face the challenge of people overcoming their fear more than ever before because of the pandemic. With more than 47 million people on unemployment, homelessness on the rise, not to mention people need to overcome their fear whether self-inflicted or indoctrination by the media. A Lot of people are paralyzed by fear of the pandemic, hurt from loss of a family member, loss of income, lifestyle and this list goes on. Not to mention hurt by the silence and paralyzed state of many churches that closed during the pandemic.

Our 2nd “Night of Understanding” bible study in October of 2020, I opened up with a question to everyone in attendance, ‘Is the church relevant during this time of the pandemic’? Each person in attendance answered in their own way, ‘No’. This was eye opening. We had people from different states answer as well. There are so many layers to the challenges from the pandemic. Even though everyone does not go to church on a consistent basis, many got to see how unprepared people were for the global valley experience. The institution of the church, as a whole, preached great sermons but did not really help people to transform, teach them how to really have faith in God on their own and go through this valley experience. This is why HoLy Ghost Busters is needed for such a time as this, to help people get back on track.

Share your vision for the HoLy Ghost Busters. Why is this so critical during this time?

My vision for HoLy Ghost Busters is and always will be getting someone from where you are to where God needs you to be. Many carry generational burdens that are dead weight. Many have been hurt by experiences from people in church. Some call them church hurts, which in essence hurt people, hurt people and the institution of church gets the blame. Some are facing the challenge of being in their own way but want to blame the devil for everything going wrong in their life. HoLy Ghost Busters is here to shift the drift through our mobile ministry. A lot of people do not want to step back in a church because of various reasons. The main reason is most people can’t tell the difference between being out in the world versus being in church. If one can’t see the difference from the world and the church, why come in? HoLy Ghost Busters will come where you are with qualified men and women of God, alongside me, to help the mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally abused. Our night of understanding will be monthly, we will have a pastor or mentor to walk alongside you, in your home, to aid you in life skills, ironing sharpening iron in a daily, weekly or monthly setting. HGB will tailor something to accommodate all walks of life and lifestyles. HGB will address different mental health issues with qualified licensed social workers that love the Lord. HoLy Ghost Busters is meant for such a time as this. To make sure you are a serious inquiry and to cover the teaching material it takes to get you on board, there is a non-refundable one-time fee of $33.33 to get an interview to join our team so we can see if we can help each other effectively and efficiently. You need to get 18 yes’s to join our organization and begin to utilize your benefits. Visit our website www.holyghostbusters.com to get more information on the launch and how you can be more involved.

As we move into 2021, what is your vision for the year?

My vision for 2021 is to help with the healing process of people. So much damage has been done to our society in 2020. The real pandemic is the continued spread of hatred and division on so many levels. Hatred and division with God, family, friends, church, cultural(internal and external), and the list goes on. This nation is the united divided and the most hurtful part is the church, as a body, is leading the charge with the division and hatred, when we should be the flag carriers of love, peace, unity, fairness, for all our brothers and sisters. No matter what side of the fence you are on, come let us reason together, heal together, grow together, prosper together, celebrate together, and rejoice together. We are all stronger together. The only way we can get through this is together. HoLy Ghost Busters Mobile ministry and I are committed in 2021 to be that vessel God uses to heal a nation one person, one family, and one home at a time.

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