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Pandemic Pause

First came sadness, which the Facebook Live sermon named Grief. Oh, that. Grief. I know that feeling, and naming it started me on a path to positivity.
Make a schedule, loosely, with activities that would be good to do. Think up a hobby to occupy time and thoughts. Find a video conference to participate in.
Plan a humble garden, ask for guidance, plant seeds. Cook meals, freeze extra, google how to do food prep things. Bananas now last 2 weeks!
Create an exercise regime, enjoy the sunshine, take naps. The boardwalk is off-limits for us, and seagulls have adapted by moving to Chick Fil A . Try a stroll at the Outlet mall. Eerily abandoned, fashions soon out of season, and sidewalks still playing shopping Muzak singing ‘where happy happens!’
Realize that my skin continues to be touched. By sun and wind and rain and temperature. Okay, that’s better.
Supermarket shoppers wear face masks and avoid eye contact while skirting past me. I notice workers changing sku’s in every aisle. The food supply chain is shifting while we buy extra for just in case.
A few driveway visits. BYO everything. Leave before the restroom is needed.
Farewells have changed. See you later, take care, bye-bye, replaced with be safe, stay safe, wear your mask, wash your hands.
I wonder if the ocean notices we are missing.
By Ellie Maher