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Paige Musical Products LLC, Family-owned & American-made Capo Products Announces New Capo Pro Product

& American-made

A product that does what it should without any fuss: a capo that can be depended on, and a tool that simply produces results.

By Judy Shields

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 12/21/2021 – “Our products are made here in Michigan and we are proud to be a Family-owned business”, owner Bryan Paige told The Hollywood Times.

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Not being a guitar player, I was not aware of the Capo product.  My Ex-Sister-in-law works for the Paige family and told me about their company and products they manufacture here in American.  So I decided to set up an interview to talk about the Capo.

Enjoy our conversation here and share it will all your guitar playing friends and family and ask them to share it with their friends and family.


Sounds like we need to get these products out here in the Westcoast! I look forward to visiting their manufacturing plant in 2022 and report back!

Click here to pre-order the new Capo Pro and all the other Capo’s they manufacture:


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About Paige Musical Products LLC

Paige Musical Products has been making high quality capos since 1988.  We are a small business out of Michigan.  Out of a desire for a good capo, Bryan and his father developed a capo in their tool and die shop in Michigan.  Organically, word spread through the bluegrass community and Paige Musical Products was born.   Since then we have continued to provide American made, high quality capos for musicians worldwide.

About Bryan Paige

Bryan Paige

Bryan was born to a musical family that came to Michigan from West Virginia in the late 1950’s.  Bryan started playing mandolin at age 12 and joined his Dad’s band R&L Express at age 16.

After studying to be a tool and die maker, Bryan and his dad started their own tool and die shop.  It is there where they made the first Paige Capo.  Bryan has continued to make music and capos ever since.

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