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Out of Blue: A Must See Film Noir Murder Mystery

courtesy IFC Films

By: Cynthia Underwood

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 3/21/2019


“In order for us to live a star must die. We are Stardust, says astrophysicist Jennifer Rockwell whose death comes shortly thereafter.

Patricia Clarkson plays detective Mike Hoolihan in this seductively quiet murder mystery. Her hunt for Jennifer’s killer draws the viewer into mysteries of the universe, of philosophy, of death and of life. The plot tosses us into a maze where we must listen closely, think deeply and watch carefully.

Patricia Clarkson as Mike Hoolihan, courtesy IFC Fims

Out of Blue is not your cookie cutter murder mystery. Director and writer Carol Morley does a brilliant job keeping pace with contemporary murder mysteries while adding in chilling childhood trauma and its effects on adult survivors, interesting conversations about the universe and even cats.

Jacki Weaver, Jacki Weaver as “Miriam Rockwell” in Carol Morley’s Out of Blue. Courtesy of IFC Films

This mind-bender is priority watching material. It opens March 22, 2019 and is available on Video on Demand.


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