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Our Interview with Director Lawrence Chen & Producer Jonathan Hsu about their new Documentary “Starring Jerry As Himself”

“Starring Jerry As Himself”

Slamdance Competition Documentary Feature Film

About the Film: “Starring Jerry As Himself” is a docu-fiction hybrid that blurs the lines of reality while staying true to Jerry Hsu, the title subject and his unique story. Jerry is the father everyone wants to have as their own, and his journey is one that rivals that of Alice following the white rabbit into another world. Employing a variety of creative filmmaking techniques to capture the world from Jerry’s perspective, the film is a genre bending meta experience as Jerry deals with a wild tale of international intrigue in which he inexplicably finds himself a lynchpin with his family none the wiser…or has he?

Logline: A family documents how their immigrant father Jerry, a recently divorced and retired Florida man, was recruited by the Chinese police to be an undercover agent, only to discover a darker truth.

The Hollywood Times had the opportunity to speak with director Lawrence Chen and producer Jonathan Hsu about their new documentary film “Starring Jerry As Himself.” Enjoy the conversation.

Filmmaking Team: Director & Editor Lawrence Chen (“We Humans,” “I Don’t Make The Rules”), Co-Writers Jerry C. Hsu (the star of the film) & Lawrence Chen, producers: Jonathan Hsu (“Leftovers,” “The Lion of Chinatown”) & Lawrence Chen, composer Eric Hölljes (“Criminal Minds,” “Just Go With It”) with Cinematography by Tinx Chen (“Dark Waters,” “Empty Skies”), and Lawrence Chen.

Running Time: 75 Minutes

“Starring Jerry As Himself” Slamdance Screening Times:

Location: Slamdance Film Festival Headquarters

Treasure Mountain Inn
255 Main St.
Park City, UT