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Our Conversation with Director Alex Rappoport about his film “With Peter Bradley”

By: Jesus “Solly” Olivares

“With Peter Bradley”

Slamdance Competition Documentary Feature Film

About the Film: “With Peter Bradley”  is a documentary celebrating artmaking, resilience, and the creative contributions of Black artists to American life. This timely and poignant narrative is unapologetically raw, tender, and emotional as it follows extraordinary trailblazer Peter Bradley. Audiences experience the artists life in real time, interwoven with stills, interviews, and additional striking visual imagery, telling a rags-to-riches to rags-and-back-again story of a truly iconic and innovative artist.  Forging a career and reputation in the face of systemic racism in society and the art world in particular, Peter Bradley built an incredible resumé before the age of 35: the first Black art dealer on Madison Avenue (at the prestigious Perls Galleries); and curator of what is considered the first racially integrated modern art show in America (The DeLuxe Show in Houston). “With Peter Bradley” delivers amazing insight into a truly unique creative mind as the film explores Bradley’s innovative methods of applying paint to canvas, inspired by nature and the colorful flowers he tends daily in his garden and greenhouse.

*The film features an original live jazz combo score by the Javon Jackson Quintet.*

Logline: 79 years old and overlooked since the 1970s, abstract artist Peter Bradley reflects on life and shares his artistic process on the cusp of his rediscovery.

The Hollywood Times had the opportunity to speak with director Alex Rappoport about his new documentary “With Peter Bradley.” Enjoy the conversation:

Filmmaking Team: Director, Cinematographer, Editor & Producer Alex Rappoport (“Larry Kramer in Love And Anger,” “In The Shadow of The Towers: Stuyvesant Hugh on 9/11”), Composer Javon Jackson (“Malcolm X,” “The Last Time I Committed Suicide”), Executive Producers Adger Cowans (“The legacy Project”), and Robina Riccitiello (“Later Bloomers,” “Soft and Quiet”), Consulting Producers Diane Kolyer (“A Letter to Elia,” “We Are the Dream: the Kids of the Oaklan MLK Oratorical Fest”), and Beth Levison (“Lemon,” “ Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present”), and Grammy winning Music Supervisor Ed Gerrard (“Scream,” “Miles Ahead”).

Running Time: 86 Minutes

Slamdance Screening Times:

Location: Slamdance Film Festival Headquarters

Treasure Mountain Inn
255 Main St.
Park City, UT