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OSCAR G. REJLANDER: Artist Photographer – Exhibition at The Getty

1813–1875 Mary Constable and Her Brother, 1866 Albumen silver print

By E.M. Fredric


LOS ANGELES, CA – (The Hollywood Times) – 5/2/2019 – A Britweek event was held at the Getty Museum on May 2nd with a groundbreaking exhibition as the first major Oscar G. Rejlander retrospective ever produced. This traveling showcase of Oscar G. Rejlander: Artist Photogrpaher originated at the National Gallery of Canada, Canadian Photography Institute Galleries. He was often referred to as the “father of art photography.” The show runs March 12 – June 9, 2019.

1813–1875 The Bachelor’s Dream, about 1860 George Eastman Museum

Rejlander has been praised for his early experiments with combination printing, for his collaboration with Charles Darwin, and for his influence on the work of Julia Margaret Cameron and Lewis Carroll. This groundbreaking exhibition is the first major retrospective on Rejlander, highlighting new research and a selection of works brought together for the first time. He was a pioneering Victorian art photographer and an expert in photomontage. His collaboration with Charles Darwin on The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals has assured him a position in the history of behavioural science and psychiatry. Oscar Gustave Rejlander believed that art was a thought to be shown and could be seen to make people feel. He is also believed to be the man responsible for the genre of art photography and he remains one of the medium’s unsung heroes.

Enchanted by a Parrot (Mary Rejlander?), about 1860 Albumen silver print

Although he collaborated with Charles Darwin, and influenced the work of both Julia Margaret Cameron and Lewis Carroll, Exploring Rejlander’s career as painter, photographer and experimental artist, the exhibition features some 140 works by Rejlander, from landscapes and portraits to allegories and witty commentaries on contemporary society.

Celebrating a man ahead of his time, Oscar G. Rejlander: Artist Photographer not only examines his artistic legacy, but also his ability to transform a technical medium into an important means of artistic expression.

Oscar G. Rejlander: Artist Photographer has been organized by the Canadian Photography Institute of the National Gallery of Canada.

Beautiful Display of Desserts

The evening started with cocktails, appetizers, desserts and libations as well as crazy fun gifs and photos by FOTOSpark (founded by Alex Spurkel). It was a beautiful event and the evening – along with a cool breeze at the Getty – is always a great place to see fine art and meet interesting people. The Getty News Release cites more information regarding the events of the calendar for this exhibition.

FOTOSparked: Michael Haas and E.M. Fredric

About Oscar Gustave Rejlander


Oscar Gustave Rejlander (Stockholm, 1813 – Clapham, London, 18 January 1875) was a pioneering Victorian art photographer and an expert in photomontage. His collaboration with Charles Darwin on The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals has assured him a position in the history of behavioural science and psychiatry.

He married Mary Bull in 1862, who was twenty-four years his junior. Mary had been his photographic model in Wolverhampton.

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson visited Rejlander’s Malden Road studio in 1863. Carroll was in the process of relocating his studio and sought Rejlander’s advice regarding its design. Around 1863 Rejlander visited the Isle of Wight at the request of Julia Margaret Cameron and helped teach her photography.

Some of Rejlander’s images were purchased as drawing-aids to Victorian painters of repute, such as Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. In 1871 he contributed photographs to Darwin‘s classic treatise on The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals.

Rejlander became seriously ill from about 1874. He died in 1875 with several claims on his estate, and costly funeral expenses. The Edinburgh Photographic Society raised money for his widow on Rejlander’s death, and helped set up the Rejlander Memorial Fund.

Rejlander’s ideas and techniques were taken up by other photographers and this, to some extent, justifies labelling him as the father of art photography. (Wikipedia)

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Exhibit: J. Paul Getty Museum, The Getty Center 1200 Getty Center Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90049 – http://www.getty.edu/art/exhibitions/rejlander/  

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