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Open Your Eyes to your Own Experience

From Pre & Post Tours, to Circus Retreats, Educational Experiences, and Community oriented Themecamps, the options are endless.
Envision 2019 Immersions, Retreats, & Tours are LIVE:
Chill out post-Envision with this tour specifically designed for a more intimate travel group to relax while exploring the insane natural beauty of Costa Rica. This is the best come-down around.
For those of you looking for a bit more pre-event adventure, thrill, and movement, we explore both the Caribbean Coast and Pacific Coast leading up to Envision Festival 2019.
Cover all things Abundance & Prosperity in 5 days of Educational Workshops with David Avocado Wolfe & Juan Pablo that leads into 3 additional days at Envision Festival!
Regenerative Medicine, Herbalism, Permaculture, Song, COMMUNITY. The path to wellness starts within, radiating out to your family, tribe and the planet.
Wellness through herbal medicine, local food, permaculture, community, earth based ritual, spirituality and good old Witchiness. Campout in this alcohol-free space, dedicated to conscious consumption and deeply rooted community connection.
Momentom Collective is all about creating alternate realities to blow people’s minds. Step into a circus mindset where the norm is totally tested. Enjoy crazy immersive spaces, aerial silks, fire spinning, LED, body painting, in-house performances, Acro jams, cuddle puddles, & eco-glitter galore.
In the high vibe space of Envision Festival, learn basic acute care, on-the-fly formulations, herbal materia medica, client intakes, and pop-up herbal clinic strategies in this immersive in integrated medicine and community resilience.
Camp with backstage performers, festival speakers and artists, and unleash your weird with the most badass community of creative freaks to rock your Envision experience in our first ever Circus Themecamp hosting 5-6 hours of daily workshops in Acro Yoga, Yoga and Authentic Relating.



Healing it,
The Envision Team

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