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Nowadays Nuggets Review

By Gordon David Durich

(The Hollywood Times) 2/24/22Need a snack worthy of the Oscars, RAMS or Lakers / Clippers games?  Try the new plant-based chicken nugget.  Our choice:  Nowadays Nuggets.

These little organic edible gems are not too heavily breaded, chewy yet not hard and a super alternative to chicken nuggets. The tasty treats are soy free without gmos and are plant-based.

A Nowadays nugget has only seven ingredients.  Each serving size (5 nuggets) is 120 calories.  The nuggets are made with natural organic yellow peas, yeast and mushroom extract.  Calcium and iron are there too, per the box label.

Each has wholesome and crunchy  breading (which is not overwhelming) with maple fiber for egg substitute, and fried sunflower oil for golden color and mandatory crunch factor.  Nowadays are these days’ nuggets!

Gluten-free is “on the way,” promises the company when I researched it.

As a flexitarian, it’s great to find this alternative to chicken, especially nuggets to nibble.  Many are developing new diets, be it vegan, vegetarian, paleo or …

Is there a distinct meat flavor?  My vote is yes, with whole wheat

These are to be cooked in the oven or air fryer.  The Nowadays Nuggets box states, “We love microwaves, but our nuggets don’t.”

We tried them with Chik Fil A sauce and catsup to add even more taste.

My wife Kitty who is a carnivore votes “yes” on these Nowadays Nuggets.

Available online to ship anywhere, and at L.A.’s Honeybee Burger café at 345 N. La Brea and The Colony at 11419 Santa Monica Blvd., West L.A.

The www is eatnowadays.com, at @eatnowadays.