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Nova Rockafeller is the Captain Now

By Kevin Dranoff

New Jersey, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/5/21Nova Rockafeller and Tom MacDonald are unbreakable as a couple and as business partners.  Tom makes his beats and raps while Nova directs his music videos.  They are accomplishing the kind of numbers that Atlantic Records can do with a Lil’ Wayne feature and they’re doing it independently.  I’ve included a link at the bottom if you want to compare.

Nova is able to do a lot with just Tom in a room with some cool props to hide his manhood.  The video is called “Naked” and it incorporates the dark senses of humor that Nova and Tom have.  They almost always have a conscious message that is sure to leave you thinking differently.  Nova used to be a rapper signed to a deal with record labels and like it usually does for someone young, especially a female, it didn’t do her justice.  It’s definitely a big F U to the music industry and how they treat women.  It’s also another way for Tom to troll people.  In this case it would be people who are homophobic and think he is doing some kind of Lil Nas X bit.

Tom creates a clever hook telling his haters, “Teflon, even when I’m naked. Haters, that’s heartbreakin’, ain’t it?”  This resonated with me since I just lost the password to my instagram account.  It has become a good anthem for me at the moment because I feel naked without it.  Tom MacDonald’s video has 761 thousand views at the time this article was written.

Tom MacDonald – “NAKED”


Cordae – Sinister (feat. Lil Wayne)


Nova Rockafeller – “GANG GANG” ft Tom MacDonald