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Nikki Walter-Nemickas Fitness Model, Sponsored Athlete and Personal Trainer 

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By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 08/31/2020 –  Nikki Walter-Nemickas has a strong passion for health and wellness. Nikki is formerly of Bodybuilding.com athlete and fitness model, who with her daughter Addison, aims to help change people’s lives through #ruralfit. For those with less access to gyms. #ruralfit provides guidance for fitness routine and diet. .

How are you influencing others during the pandemic? 

I am a very transparent person. I keep my posting and information relevant and real. I post a few home workouts, recipes and motivational stories trying to keep spirits high and give hope to those who struggle.

You and your daughter have started a health movement called #ruralfit. What led to this? What are your goals?

I grew up in a small town in South Dakota, with a population of 20 people, 5 households. The nearest grocery store was 10 miles away and the closest populated city was 45 miles away. I understand the lifestyle meaning…work and family are a priority but health is not. My exercise growing up was running 3 miles a day on gravel roads. #Ruralfit is our passion project to help families in rural areas become healthier. Rural Americans struggle to make health a priority until they have a health scare. Many have less healthy food options and access to gyms making it hard to change the culture in daily habits. It’s a long process but we work with one family at a time, and hope to help them become healthier! I have partnered with www.GOFIT.net who provides my affiliate discount code NIKKI10 and have been able to provide some of the GOFIT donated exercise bands and home gym items to participants who book a seminar. We also use half the proceeds from the program to donate to a family in need of medical or healthcare expenses as a benefit to give back to that community. My daughter and I were supported by so many in our community and surrounding communities when my late husband got sick. This is our way of paying it forward, and helping others hopefully prevent health challenges before it is too late! If a community or family is interested in hosting a session online, they can email me nikki@nikkiwalter.com

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Diet and Fitness are paramount, what are some of the challenges clients are facing? Share a few recent success stories. 

There are so many personalities, and for most change isn’t easy. Many struggle with not having a routine. Some have had a very difficult time staying motivated because their gym or health club was part of their daily routine. They had their favorite fitness classes, and instructors, or just feel they could not get motivated to workout at home. I take time to be compassionate and listen to their needs and what types of workouts they are willing to try at home. We discuss types of workouts that can be done with little to no equipment. I am a sponsored athlete and model by GOFIT.net I have used their products for years as a traveling business professional on the road, so working quick home and travel workouts. To Save 10% it would be helpful to order at this link with code NIKKI10 www.gofit.net

One of my newest clients is a single mom of four children. She has a variety of health problems and is currently a heavy smoker. We are working on mini goals for 60 days, and she has committed and performed from smoking a full pack daily to half! We started with the hardest two trigger times for her which were before bed and first thing in the morning and worked toward finding an alternative for each. She decided stretching before bed when she feels the urge and any morning beverage she wants, she isn’t a coffee drinker so we opted for flavored teas.

Another client of mine traveled and was part of my #roadwarrior program. When COVID19 put an end to travel for her speaking business, I worked with her on re adjusting mindset from hotel life to home life workouts. It was very hard, because like most of us when we are home, there are a million distractions! But we worked on 20 minutes per day, any time, and if she could not commit and was skipping we would have to do early mornings to make sure she completed the workouts. She on her own committed to mornings and has lost 15 lbs just walking!

Tell us about the  F…it Podcast. 

We have so much fun with this. We have found that it’s a wonderful way to reach others, especially since Addison is now grown up. Listeners can hear her input of all of the experiences we have as well as provide input on the questions we get from others, Life is full of the F’s covered in this podcast. We speak the real truths with a mother/daughter perspective, about all of the “F”’s Faith, Food, Fitness, Family, and non F’s, encompassing loss, cancer, co-parenting, single parenting, parent/child relationships,entrepreneurship, and travel. It can be found on Apple Itunes or Spotify


Widowed mom boss, International Fitness Model and Sponsored Athlete Nikki and her daughter Addison share the real truth about a lot of life, no sugar coating! Nikki lost her father at age of 17, her husband at age 32, and created a life from her bucket list becoming a 7x national champion and sponsored athlete aka “Fitmom” as well as an international published fit model and author. Addison, creator of Kids Kitchen with Addie- shares a kid’s perspective with all of these topics from a kid’s perspective. After all, what is it really like to be the child of a bodybuilder and social influencer?

These two speak the real truths with a mother/daughter perspective, about all of the “F”’s Faith, Food, Fitness, Family, and non F’s encompassing loss, cancer, co-parenting, single parenting, parent/child relationships, entrepreneurship, and travel.

You are a TEAM Bodybuilding.com athlete and fitness model, what changes have you had to make during these turbulent times? What keeps you motivated? 

I am no longer on TEAM Bodybuilding.com. I am a sponsored Model and Athlete with Gofit.net and BEAST Sports Nutrition. This past year physically I have been through the worst challenges. I broke my wrist in co-ed sports, was in a bad car accident and three months ago underwent a Total Laproscopic Hysterectomy. My body has been through a rough time, but it brought me back to a mindset of appreciating the process of healing.

I keep motivated because I want to share my amazing transformation progress. This time I have trained more functionally, and I have more bodyweight to remove, more than I ever have. IT is the most challenging prep I have ever had. I will be working hard to get ready for an upcoming photo shoot for the beginning of 2020. I will compete again as soon as COVID19 restrictions are no longer in place, I’m hoping to compete at nationals fall 2021. I have set a few new goals such as conquering my fear of water by swimming at home and would like to train for a triathlon.


Have you been offering virtual personal training during this time? What can people expect when working with you?

Yes, upon request I work with clients on lifestyle changes, accountability, goal management. My services vary from individual to families. If interested people can email inquires to nikki@nikkiwalter.com

What do you enjoy most about bringing health and well-being to others?

I know what it’s like to be frustrated and helpless. I love giving others hope, and confidence in themselves. I love helping them create a lifestyle that works for them, and sticks with them for life. I especially love working with traveling business professionals, being a recent retiree of a sales job life. Entertaining clients, flying, driving, and eating out has its challenges when it comes to health, and my program has had a lot of friends and former co-workers who have been able to change their lifestyle, lose weight or just feel better about being on the road from their families. I also love working with families. Often the parents take time to work on themselves but the kids are left to do their own thing. My daughter and I work with families to make life a lot healthier without leaving anyone out. Each family struggles with time, resources and stress, and we can help them come up with a plan for all.