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Night 2 of the Live Democratic Candidates Debate Rises by 16% in the Household Overnights on NBC

Democratic Nomination Hopefuls

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Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times), June 28, 2019 – ON THIS DAY “Amos ‘N’ Andy,” starring Alvin Childress and Spencer Williams and based on the radio show of the same name, debuted on CBS in 1951. Ongoing protests by civil rights groups such as the NAACP for fostering racial stereotypes resulted the show being canceled just two seasons into its run…In 1973, NBC introduced the summer variety series, “The Helen Reddy Show”…Celebrity birthdays: Legendary director Mel Brooks is 93; Oscar winner Kathy Bates is 71; “The Neighborhood” star Tichina Arnold is 50; former child star Danielle Brisebois (“Archie Bunker’s Place”) is also 50; “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Kellie Pickler is 33.-Did You Know?:
“Amos ‘N’ Andy” was one of the first television series to be filmed with a multi-camera setup before “I Love Lucy” used the technique. After the show was canceled with 65 episodes, CBS wanted to syndicate the reruns but needed more shows. And that led to an additional 13 episodes produced for first-run syndication.
Thursday 6/27/19Household Rating/Share
NBC: 6.2/12, CBS: 2.6/ 5, ABC and Fox: 2.1/ 4 each, CW: 0.4/ 1Note: The year-to-year percent comparison is excluded because of NBC’s live broadcast of night 2 of the 2020 Democratic Candidates Debate.Ratings Breakdown:
Night two of the live 2019 Democratic Candidates Debate, as expected, out-rated night one due to the higher caliber participants like former Vice President Joe Biden and the return of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. It scored an approximate 8.1 rating/15 share in the household overnights from 9-11 p.m., which was 16 percent above the 7.0/13 for the first debate one night earlier. That 7.0 household rating translated into 15.3 million viewers across the platforms NBC, MNBC and Telemundo, according to the Live+Same Day data from Nielsen (which does not include streaming viewership on the platforms featuring the debate —YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and NBC’s digital outlets). For more specifics on that night one viewership, click here

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Large Viewership, But No Record For The First 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate
The first night of the Democratic primary debates, featuring 10 candidate hopefuls, scored an estimated 15.3 million viewers across the platforms NBC, MNBC and Telemundo, according to the Live+Same Day data from Nielsen (which does not include streaming viewership on the platforms featuring the debate —YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and NBC’s digital outlets).

Comparably, this was 8.7 million (or 36%) below the 24 million viewers who watched the first Republican primary debate of the 2016 cycle, hosted by Fox News, in August 2015 (which featured the initial appearance as a potential candidate by Donald Trump). But it was also very close to the 15.5 million viewers who tuned in to CNN for the first primary season debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in October 2015. For more, click here

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Source: Nielsen Media Research

NEW PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENTS USA Orders Drama Anthology Pilot “Masters of Doom”
USA Network has placed a pilot order for a proposed anthology series called “Masters of Doom,” which is based on author David Kushner’s book of the same name. It tells the true story of two computer geniuses in an obscure corner of America who, along with a group of rebellious misfits, created one of the biggest franchise hits of the 1990s, the video game DOOM. John Carmack and John Romero were best friends who became bitter rivals, as they created a video game empire and transformed pop culture forever.From UCP (Universal Content Productions), “Masters of Doom” will be written by Tom Bissell (“Gears of War,” “Battlefield” and “Uncharted” video game franchise), who will also serve as executive producer. Kushner is the author of six books, including his latest, “The Players Ball.”Serving as executive producers are Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Eric Robinson and Jeremy Bell of The Gotham Group; James Franco, Dave Franco, Vince Jolivette and Elizabeth Haggard of Ramona Films; and Kushner. D.J. Goldberg of The Gotham Group will serve as co-executive producer.

Pop TV Picks Up a Fourth Season of “One Day at a Time”
Pop TV has greenlit a fourth season of the revival of Norman Lear sitcom “One Day at a Time,” which was streamed on Netflix for its first three seasons. Thirteen new episodes have been ordered for 2020, which will take the total episode tally, to-date, to 52.

“One Day at a Time” steps in at a time when the cable net’s highly coveted comedy, Canadian produced “Schitt’s Creek,” will conclude in its next season.

The series follows the life of Penelope Alvarez (Justina Machado), a newly single Army veteran, and her Cuban-American family, as they navigate the ups and downs of life. Now a nurse practitioner, Penelope is raising two strong-willed children. When faced with challenges, Penelope turns to her “old-school” mother Lydia (Rita Moreno), and her building manager Schneider (Todd Grinnell), who has become an invaluable confidant. The series offers a contemporary take on what life looks like in both good and bad times, and how loved ones can help make it all worthwhile.

Also featured in the cast are Isabella Gomez as Elena Alvarez, Marcel Ruiz as Alex Alvarez and Stephen Tobolowsky as Dr. Berkowitz.

TV AND DIGITAL UPDATES”The Seinfeld Experience” to Open in New York City
A retail store and immersive exhibit, “The Seinfeld Experience,” will be featured in New York City’s Gramercy neighborhood later this year in celebration of the sitcom’s upcoming 30th anniversary. Tickets are expected to be available through February 2020, according to Superfly and Warner Bros. Consumer Products. The upcoming attraction will include interactive exhibits featuring costumes, set replicas, props, and various memorabilia from the show’s original run, along with a retail store offering unique, limited-edition merchandise.“We’re thrilled to bring ‘The Seinfeld Experience’ to life in an innovative way, combining nostalgia with immersive entertainment, and getting fans closer than ever before to the show and its beloved characters,” said Superfly co-founder Jonathan Mayers. “A show as iconic as ‘Seinfeld’ should be celebrated with an experience that truly matches its legacy and enduring influence.”The original pilot of “Seinfeld,” originally titled “The Seinfeld Chronicles,” debuted on July 5, 1989. The series returned on January 23, 1991, and concluded on May 14, 1998.

WGN America To Air “JAG”
WGN America has picked up the off-network rights to long-running CBS procedural ilitary drama “JAG.” The series is set to premiere with a two-day “JAG of July” marathon on Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5 starting at 9:00am ET. “JAG” will then air on WGN America every Monday through Friday for two hours, starting at 4:00 p.m.  ET, with the exception of Wednesday (which will run until 12:00am ET/11:00pm CT). Tenseasons of the series will air in chronological order on WGN America.

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New HGTV series “Going for Sold” will debut on HGTV on Thursday, August 1 at 11 p.m. ET. The series stars real estate agent Jon Pierre Tjon-Joe-Pin and his wife Mary, a former flight attendant who left her career to pursue her love of design and start their home renovation business. In each episode, the busy parents of two turn forgotten homes into charming and affordable properties that appeal to young families looking for a high-end look without the hefty price tag. With a love for bright colors and bold design, Mary incorporates artful features into each home, including removable wallpaper, bamboo sinks, modern staircases and geometric paint accent walls.

“Animal Babies: First Year on Earth,” a new three-part series co-produced with BBC Studios, will debut on PBS in the Wednesday 8 p.m. ET hour on August 28. The series follows four wildlife cinematographers as they capture the first year of life for six animals across four continents, navigating the challenges they face and how they overcome them. The logline: From the largest animal baby on land – the African elephant – to the smallest marine mammal – the southern sea otter – viewers will follow these creatures as they explore the complexities of their respective habitats. Cinematographers Sue Gibson, Vianet Djenguet, Colin Stafford-Johnson and Bob Poole cast a new light on these mammals and how human actions and interference impact how they survive.

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Paying the Bills On sitcom “Arrested Development,” what does the Bluth family sell from a stand on the boardwalk?a) fireworks
b) frozen bananas
c) live bait
d) smoothies
e) t-shirts

The answer to yesterday’s question…

Which one of the following five dramas is known as the first regularly scheduled primetime scripted medical drama?

a) “Ben Casey”
b) “City Hospital”
c) “Dr. Kildare”
d) “The Doctor”
e) “Medic”

Is: b) “City Hospital,” which shared its time period with “Crime Syndicated” and then “Place the Face,” and aired on CBS from March 25, 1952 through October 1, 1953. Previously the series ran on Saturday afternoons from November 1951 to April 1953. “City Hospital,” which was set at a large metropolitan hospital, starred Melville Ruick as Dr. Barton Crane and Anne Burr as Dr. Kate Morrow.

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