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Next Time: Shark in Progress Bobby Reed Creates the World’s First Social Distance Device

By Kat King

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 2/22/21 – Robert “Bobby” Reed is a genius, full stop. He created the world’s first social distance device to help coaches, teachers, and speakers everywhere be heard with greater clarity. It all started with the pandemic. Bobby noticed teachers and coaches, especially, sharing their concerns about how to maintain lines of communication in spite of social distancing due to COVID-19. He saw something similar whilst traveling overseas and decided to license it and bring it to the States, then perfect it for the US market here, believing it to be a great solution to a major communication breakdown:

“Coaches need something, they need to be able to be heard, so that’s where Coacher comes in.”

Coacher devices run $99 per set and they are incredibly easy to use. They’re just like two-way radios, but their reach is up to 500 square feet, with plenty of elbow room for coaching during a football game or on the court. All you have to do is turn on the receiver, note the frequency, match your headset to it and you’re off and away. What I love most about Bobby is his energy. I decided to dig a little deeper.  An honest man, Bobby shared with me that he didn’t always make the right choices when he was younger, but that he made important changes within himself. His inherent love of tinkering and gadgets took him all the way to Shark Tank, but he didn’t make it through due to not selling quite enough units, which hasn’t brought Bobby down one bit because he’s already back for the next season! I was so inspired by his story, I just had to cover it! Coacher devices are $99 & can be purchased at www.coacherdevices.com. Bobby wants everyone to know that he hooks it up for schools and orgs with special group pricing as well. Thank you to Robert Reed for being such an inspiration to so many up-and-coming fellow Sharks!