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New York City Expressionist Painter, Francine Tint Shares Her World with Hollywood 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/23/2020 –  Francine Tint is a New York based abstract expressionist painter. Her work has been exhibited in over thirty solo shows in the United States and Europe, and is in the permanent collections of numerous museums including the Clement Greenberg collection at the Portland Art Museum and the Krannert Art Museum in Chicago. Her work is currently shown at ACA gallery in New York City.

Share your background as a costume designer and how it led to your painting? 

The different textures, colors, and beauty of the fabrics of the clothing in costume design inspired my abstract paintings which are heavily layered. Seeing how the early masters like Rembrandt and Titian dealt with fabrics informed the way that I build the layers of a painting.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

Color, literature, music, life’s experience, memory, and emotion.

currently on view in our exhibition Echoing Forms: American Abstraction from the Permanent Collection

Your work has been seen worldwide. Share your favorite exhibits.

My favorite exhibitions took place in Matera, Italy, and Lisbon, Portugal. I was in awe when I saw thirty of my paintings hung in a magnificent museum space at my exhibition at Alabama Contemporary Art Museum.

currently on view in our exhibition Echoing Forms: American Abstraction from the Permanent Collection

When you began as an abstract expressionist, it was a boy’s club. How have you evolved?

In the beginning, I was slightly embarrassed to be an abstract painter, because, at the time I was getting into it, it was a bit hardcore. Women weren’t allowed into it as much. It was a big boy network.

I have always been persistent, and even though I was kept down at times, I continued to work hard and focus on my goal of inspiring others through painting.

Tell us about Clement Greenberg and how he influenced your work.

He was a great mentor and he visited my studio for about 13 years. He was fun and direct and taught me to really see what I created, and it was always about the color and motion. He always said that the best way to learn art is to look at art.

How is painting like a dance? 

My creation process is very physical – I’m part of the painting. I move either on a large canvas or many canvases at once, and I move from painting to painting with grace and speed.

Painter Francine Tint in her NYC studio talking about her history.


You have credited therapy for your passion for painting. Tell us more. 

It was a good, supportive system for me to have one-on-one guidance, especially as a young woman.

Tell us about your works, “silk stockings,” and “Decadence” that will be included in the Monica King Contemporary exhibition. Talismans, which is running from December 15- January 31.) Where did you draw your inspiration for these works? 

Those two paintings are sexy, luxurious, textured, sheer, and layered, and they draw from current events – what might be going on in the world or in my mind at the moment. Monica is a very respected and hip gallerist, and I’m happy to be included in this exhibit. I’m excited to see the smaller works.

Silk Stockings Photo Credit Chris Carone
Decadence – Photo Credit Chris Carone

You have been quoted, “I am a colorist and my mission is to put my strength onto the canvas and to express emotions, feelings, and thoughts through color.” Which works are you most proud of? 

They’re all my babies. I have some favorites, and I often like the large-scale works. Seven Sirens, and Wonky (52 x 210″) are two paintings that I feel strongly about.

Wonky, 52×210

What is next for you? Stay tuned for Monica King Contemporary in TriBeCa virtual exhibition, and I currently have a virtual solo show on view at Kunstmatrix in Berlin which you can view here: https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/en/exhibition/2969655/francine-tint