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New THR/Morning Consult Survey: Most Americans Would Like To See The Return Of “Back To The Future”

New York (November 20, 2018) – Back To The Future, Toy Story, and Indiana Jones are among America’s most wanted movie franchises, according to a poll from Morning Consult/The Hollywood Reporter.

The survey, conducted Nov. 8-11 among 2,201 U.S. adults, reveals the movie franchises Americans love the most.


Key Highlights:

Americans are eager for a “Back to the Future” film: The 80s trilogy received the highest percentage of respondents saying they’d be likely to watch another film from the series (71%).


“Toy Story” (69%), “Indiana Jones” (68%), “Jurassic Park” (67%) and “Shrek” (65%) round up the top four. Very few (40%) are likely to see another “Twilight” film, while 51% said they aren’t

“Toy Story” (82%) was the most popular among young adults age 18-29; “Jurassic Park” (79%) was the best bet among frequent movie watchers

Somewhat intuitively, the films with the highest likelihood for viewership are also the series with the highest favorability

Most (54%) of the public has watched all of the “Back to the Future” series.


Nearly half have watched all of the “Toy Story” (47%), “Indiana Jones” (47%) and “Shrek” (43%) series

92% of young adults have seen all or some of the “Toy Story” and “Shrek” series


Comparatively, just 36% of the public has seen all the “Star Wars” films

Americans are open to a black James Bond: Most (52%) support a black Bond, while 29% are in opposition. Smaller numbers support a Hispanic Bond (39%), an Asian Bond (37%), a female Bond (37%) and a gay Bond (28%).


Women are more supportive of a racial minority Bond than they are of a female Bond

Republicans are divided on supporting (39%) or opposing (40%) a black James Bond. Half or more Republicans oppose other racial minority Bonds and a female or gay Bond. Democrats are more supportive of a non-white-male Bond than Republicans are, but divided on a gay Bond (41% support, 40% oppose)

63% support rumored Bond actor Idris Elba for the role

Sean Connery is America’s favorite James Bond, but Pierce Brosnan is a close second. Eighty-two percent and 81%, respectively, have favorable views of the two actors as Bond.

Favorability rankings continue with: Roger Moore (74%), Daniel Craig (71%), Timothy Dalton (49%) and George Lazenby (31%)

Connery (86%) wings among men; Brosnan (81%) wins among women; Craig (64%) wins among young adults age 18-29


This poll was conducted from Nov. 8-11, 2018 among a national sample of 2,201 U.S. adults. The interviews were conducted online and the data were weighted to approximate a target sample based on age, race/ethnicity, gender, educational attainment, and region. Results from the survey have a margin of error of +/- 2 percentage points.

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