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New Health and Wellness Center Opens in the Heart of Los Angeles

At the Quantum Clinic, your serenity is our mission.

Los Angeles, CA – – Nestled along the beautifully restored LA River sits Quantum Clinic, a new center of tranquility that opened its doors this month.  Billed as a spa treatment for your DNA, Quantum Clinic is located in the Elysian Valley, just 10 minutes north of Downtown.

Quantum Clinic is pioneering a model of prevention service in today’s chaotic wellness environment. The goal is to empower clients to engage the quantum field and activate their deepest potential for bioregenesis through stress reduction and relaxation. The practitioners at Quantum Clinic offer the opportunity to reset your baseline with evidence-based services rooted in an understanding of epigenetics and biophysics to promote deep cellular resonance and heart-brain coherence.

Founded In 2020 by Dr. Katelyn Lehman, Ph.D., and Dr. Maria Ramos, Psy.D., they had a vision to create an infrastructure that provided intense transformation and self-healing. Bridging their combined expertise across mental health in complex emergencies, treating trauma, addiction, and stress, the result is a relaxing and healing experience unlike anything else in Southern California.

“At Quantum Clinic we offer an inclusive space for you to tune-in to your body’s innate wisdom for epigenetic healing,” says co-founder, Dr. Katelyn Lehman.  “We leverage the latent potential of energy, frequency, and vibration to facilitate a deeply relaxing and restorative experience between the heart and the brain.”

The mission of Quantum Clinic is to provide a place to unplug and tune in. “When you are empowered with the tools to reverse stress and connect to your inner wisdom, everything changes,” states Dr. Maria Ramos. “You become lighter. You show up differently for the task at hand. You deepen your compassion for yourself and others. You gain clarity on your purpose, and courage to fulfill your mission.”

Quantum Clinic provides unique tank experiences along with monthly classes and events.  They are located at 2828 Newell Street, Suite 6, Los Angeles 90039.  For more information and to schedule a treatment or event, go to: www.QuantumClinic.com.

Katelyn Lehman, Ph.D. Chief Systems Architect and Co-Founder

Dr. Lehman completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Multicultural Community Psychology from Alliant International University in 2017. In her career, she has been privileged to serve diverse populations around the world ranging from people seeking asylum to chief executives across industries.

Maria Ramos, Psy.D. Director of Clinical Operations and Co-Founder

Dr. Ramos completed her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Family Systems from Alliant International University in 2019. Her research interests include posttraumatic stress and suicidality in Veteran communities. Dr. Ramos is also a Veteran of the United States Navy where she served two tours in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.


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