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New Crime Drama to Premiere on Fox

By: Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/18/22 – Alert is one of Fox’s newest crime dramas. The show follows Nikki Batista, played by actress Diana Ramirez, a police officer whose son went missing and, after six years, has been presumed to be deceased. Officer Batista is determined to find out what happened to her son, so she gets transferred to the Missing Person’s Unit, where she joins her ex-husband Jason Grant played by Hawaii Five 0’s Scott Cann. After getting a hunch that their son could still be alive, the pair will stop at nothing to find the answers to his disappearance while also racing against the clock to ensure the return of other missing persons.

Petey Gibson, Fivel Stewart, Bre Blair

In a recent Fox Entertainment Winter Press Day interview with the Television Critics Association (TCA), Executive Producer John Eisendrath was asked where he drew inspiration for each episode. He replies, well, there are a lot of cases that we could draw from if we chose to do just ripped from the headlines. Some of the episodes are ripped from the headlines. Still, some of them have that connection to, I hope, what a lot of people are thinking about, talking about, and in some ways as a parent worried about for their kids. Others are based on what we think would make for the most urgent, heart-pounding case we can think of and the ones with the highest stakes. And, again, one of the wonderful things about a missing person show is the range. Larger than any other range of storytelling available on procedural TV.

John Eisendrath & Jamie Foxx

In some cases, people are taken and are desperate to be found; in some cases, people are running away and are desperate not to be found. And that’s part of the mystery our characters must unpack each week. So, some of them are ripped from the headlines, and some are just the coolest, most urgent, most desperate case we can think of.”

Alert will premiere on FOX on Sunday, Jan. 8. Viewers can also watch the episode the following day on Hulu.