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NeoRhythm Enhances COVID-19 Doldrums With A Neurostimulation Headband

NeoRhythm Helps to Manage Stress in the Workplace

OmniPEMF, a cutting edge technology company, introduces a unique wearable device that uses electromagnetic pulses to enhance mental capacity, promote relaxation, and improve sleep.

By John Lavitt


Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 07/24/2020 – Although NeoRhythm sounds like a modern jazz band you encounter during an afternoon outing at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, it is much more exciting and unexpected. A cutting edge technology developed and marketed by OmniPEMF, an international company, based in New York and Slovenia, NeoRhythm is a stylish white high-tech headband that accomplishes more than any headband you could imagine. Indeed, this new wearable device opens the door to interacting positively with your brain. 

When you first hear the official description of the NeoRhythm headband, it sounds a bit overwhelming. In the world of technology, NeoRhythm is referred to as a Mi rTMS device, which stands for medium intensity repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation. By using electromagnetic pulses of medium intensity directed at specific parts of the brain, NeoRhythm stimulates the brain with five strategically positioned magnetic-field-generating inverted coils. Although it is a 100% non-invasive device, it covers a greater region of the head, offering more positive electromagnetic stimulation than any other device now readily available. 


Beyond being non-invasive, the device also is gesture-controlled. With a single tap on the headband, a program can be started or stopped. Linked to a Smartphone APP that uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the neurostimulation headband, it proved easy to use the portable device. The content of the app describes the ongoing process well, offering six different programs that stimulate a wide variety of mental states. 

Revealing the diversity of the brain’s capacity for feeling and insight, the six different programs cover a wide range of mental states. The six programs offered are as follows:

  1. Improve Sleep
  2. Pain Control
  3. Enhance Mental Capacity
  4. Theta Meditation
  5. Deep Relaxation
  6. Energy and Vitality

What proves fascinating is that each program requires the neurostimulation headband to be worn differently on the head. Such a variety of placement allows the electrical stimuli of the five strategically positioned magnetic-field-generating inverted coils to stimulate different parts of the brain, leading to a variety of positive benefits. Ranging from thirty to sixty minutes in length, each program is exciting to try out. It’s fun to see what happens next.

NeoRhythm Enhances Without Interrupting Creative Expression

Although using a device like NeoRhythm might make a novice user nervous, there is no need to worry or reason to fear. NeoRhythm is surprisingly easy to use and comfortable to wear. Upon use, the neurostimulation headband pulses slightly with energy, but there is zero discomfort. Although it seems weird, there is no actual weirdness felt or experienced. Instead, a sense of tranquility floats over the user as you engage with the program. I found both the “Enhance Mental Capacity” and the “Energy and Vitality” programs helpful when I was writing. The device got me into a deeper groove of working and being more productive.


Moreover, the “Deep Relaxation” and “Theta Meditation” settings proved excellent in subtly relieving stress and promoting tranquility beyond the session. If you are looking for fireworks and a drug-like intoxication, you have come to the wrong place. Instead, NeoRhythm brings out the best of what is already there within the user. It is a subtle shift that is noticeable upon repeat sessions without any apparent side effects. I never felt bad during a program session or the hours after a program session. If anything, I felt more focused and revived by my use of this unique wearable device. 

If you want to know more, OmniPEMF offers a background section on its website that details the science behind this new neurostimulation device. Amid the pandemic’s doldrums, I was happy to receive my NeoRhythm, and I continue to use it daily. It may not be a neural revolution that transforms me into Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci, yet it helps make my life a bit less stressful and more focused. In these difficult days, that’s a real bonus.