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Neno’s Naturals CBD Freeze Roll On is On a Mission to Solve Problems Sustainably

By Valerie Milano 

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 9/7/21 – Neno’s Naturals admits they are on a “mission.” and that mission is to help people feel great “in their bodies,” and to be contributing to sustainable good in the world around us.

Founded by Narmin “Neno” Jarrous, Neno’s Naturals are a product of passion and real-life experience. She wanted to create “carefully produced” products from the safe, all-natural remedy that is CBD, that she herself appreciates.

We now find ourselves in her shoes. Nowadays, we’ve been scrambling to get more done. As we deepen into our age, we find ourselves easily fatigued. Having a demanding job, kids, or even a rigorous hobby is very taxing, even physically. If you’re a parent or caregiver of young children, chasing them around takes its toll on anyone.

Some stay in shape walking up and down hills and other physical activities. It’s a wonderful way to keep fit and challenge our bodies, but the end result is that by the end of my day pain in the leg joints and lower back can prevent you from sleeping restfully.

We’ve used cremes & rubs in the past and never liked the way they smelled or the hassle of getting it off your fingers after applying. Neno’s Naturals CBD Freeze Roll On solves pain problems in three ways: The cooling effect goes to work right away. The CBD component provides non-psychoactive wellness. And best of all, the roll on allows you to apply it directly where need you without any mess. This product is a total win.

We can’t recommend it highly enough — for any stage of adult life.