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NAMM is back in full force starting today through Sunday Anaheim Convention Center

By: Judy Shields

Photos The Hollywood Times

Anaheim, California (The Hollywood Times) 06/03/2022

The NAMM Show, the global crossroads of the music products, sound and entertainment technology industries, returns to Anaheim, California June 3–5, 2020. The NAMM Show will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center and will offer you a dynamic way to cover all aspects of music from products, to pro sound and live production. Preview new products from thousands of brands, enjoy special events set to live music, celebrity appearances, dozens of educational sessions tied to today’s trends, and interviews with the world’s top innovators, artists and professionals in the music world.

Media Preview Day

Yesterday was Media Preview Day. This is where maybe 2,000 vendors, who submitted a Q&A about their product(s) to the folks at NAMM and they chose 23 vendors to be featured for Media Preview Day, June 2, 2022.

This was the first time I had been to the Media Preview Day and I have to say, I was surprised with Covid still in the news that they would have put these vendors in such a close proximity.  Like a drum vendor right next to a fella playing his electric guitar to show off their new mini amplifier.  But we all seemed to make it work and the cameras, video cameras and microphones were all out and being used.

Here is a list of the vendors who were invited to show off their new products:

  • 4d Fun – Booth 300A1
  • Adam Hall Group – Booth 16216
  • AEA Ribbon Mics & Preamps – Booth 15617
  • Artesia Pro – Booth 9702 & 10304
  • Artiphon – Booth 1012 & 10107
  • Audeze
  • Bamboo Music LLC
  • Ciari Guitars
  • Ernie Ball
  • Focusrite
  • Hoshino/Ibanez
  • Hoshino/Tama
  • iZotope
  • JackTrip Labs
  • Minarik Guitars
  • Oberheim
  • Positive Grid
  • Proel
  • Rhodes Music
  • Shure
  • Trabucchi Violins
  • WTS Drums
  • Yamaha

Here is one particular vendor that I spent most of my time with because I could not believe what I saw.  A guitar with the neck bent backyard, REALLY!, yes really, see for yourself.

Vendor Ciari Guitar new simplified folding system

Ciari Guitars | Ascender™ Standard & Music Oasis – Booth 4211. Ascender Standard boasts an exciting new look, an entirely redesigned, simplified folding system, and an attractive, lower price point for broad appeal and affordability. New body style and headstock designed by industry legends Grover Jackson and Joe Glaser. The Music Oasis™ is a free guitar lounge which Ciari Guitars first debuted at the San Diego Int’l Airport, making it the only guitar company with an in-airport experiential marketing offering.

The Music Oasis™ (Photo Ciari Guitars)
Ciari Guitars – CEO & Founder Jonathan D. Spangler of Ciari Guitars with his invention The Ascender™ trademarked and patented new folding guitar and backpack

The Hollywood Times spoke with Jonathan D. Spangler, CEO & Founder of Ciari Guitars, Inc. and he explained this was his patented invention and was proud to talk about the product. He demonstrated how the neck bent backwards and how the tension on the guitar strings actually stayed in place with grooves at the bending points and the back was opened to show how that works.  What a genius of an idea.  Check out their website for more information here.  This product will indeed find itself in many homes to come.  Great idea for music programs at schools and all guitar players out there.  I don’t even play but I want one!

Also met and spoke in detail with Eric Dorton, President & Chief Commercial Officer, who just got back from their Nashville headquarters and was super pumped  about showcasing the new Ascender™ Guitar.  We will be featuring an upcoming article all about them to follow.

Also check out their website which talks about the lifestyles with your new Ascender™ guitar and traveling with it on a place, boat or on a camping trip. https://ciariguitars.com/pages/lifestyle

NAMM Vendor Ernie Ball – Ernie Ball Music Man

I visited with Ernie Ball | Ernie Ball Music Man Kaizen – Booth 5620. A brand-new instrument that is a collaboration between Ernie Ball Music Man and Tosin Abasi. This is an awesome looking guitar with state of the art technology and sounds great too!  They are very excited to show off this new guitar at this year’s NAMM show.


NAMM Vendor – Positive Grid Spark Mini speaker

Positive Grid | Spark MINI – Booth 5825. Spark MINI is a fun, portable, play-anywhere guitar amp and Bluetooth speaker with smart features and stunning sound. Spark MINI offers fingertip access to thousands of great guitar tones to inspire your playing and create the guitar rig of your dreams.  It can be used as a audio interface for recording your music onto your computer. The updated Smart Jam Live feature can generate bass and drum backing tracks that jam with you on the fly.

Bamboo Music LLC – Ukuleles

Bamboo Music LLC | Ukuleles – Booth 4607. They are the builders of the most popular brand in Latin America of Ukuleles and Guitars. Their line is specifically-crated for music enthusiasts of all ages and skills around the world.

WTS Drums

WTS Drums | Epiphany Series – Booth 6829, Debuting their most affordable line yet, the WTS Epiphany Series™ with innovative tuning technology, performance-inspired design, and quality shells and hardware. I have to say it was really cool to hear the range each drum had with the gentleman playing them starting tunning it.

Minarik Guitars | Art Series Guitars – Booth 5843. A staple in the boutique guitar market, the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the release of the custom shop’s Art Series guitars. Their Art Series branches into art and collectibles markets.

Minarik Guitars 50th Anniversary of Haunted Mansion Art Series Guitar

They had on display a guitar that certainly caught me eye. The Disneyland’ Haunted Mansion 50th anniversary guitar. Wow was it super awesome to see in person and I want one for sure!

Check out this awesome video I found on YouTube with Marc from Minarik talking about The Haunted Mansion guitar and how it was made. Worth watching.

Overall there were many vendors to keep us all busy for the two hours it was open for the media.  It’s going to be cool to see them at their booths and all the other vendors throughout the Anaheim Convention Center today and this weekend.  Click here to find out more about NAMM 2022 and how to attend.