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21 year old, Music Industry Entrepreneur Rowe Rowe, Talks about his Music Software Company, The Royal Interval to Empower Creatives 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 5/15/2021  The Royal Interval, striving to disrupt the music industry and empower creatives. Rowe’s mission is to create an egalitarian digitized space and change how major labels manage their artist rosters. That is where The Royal Interval comes into play: it’s a platform that incentivizes direct collaboration and makes the talent discovery process much easier. Managers can post listings directly, and also can track where their beats or demos have been placed. Rowe’s next vision for the company is for it to be acquired by a record label and work together directly to expand the technology even further. Currently, The Royal Interval is in beta-testing but has been met to rave reviews.


Your music is characterized as a unique pairing of seductive melody and socially cognizant lyrics. Where does your inspiration come from? 

My inspiration comes through my lived experiences. To me, music offers an escape from the hurdles of life. Each unique sound is overlaid with lyricism that echoes social justice matters that advocate for. I am especially interested in removing the stigma around discussing mental health. The music industry has been, up to this era, very stoic about mental health, and in the past, asking for help has been looked down upon.


Share your work that explores the relationship of escapism and empowerment in modern American life. Why is this so important to you? 

One of my key songs “1Day” focuses on American escapism and empowerment. As a kid, I was always fascinated with history and the role of song as a protest movement. This song sheds light on issues around police reform in America, and the inherently racist justice system. I wanted to push the dialogue around this issue and raise awareness around it.

You have always had a passion for connecting creatives. Tell us about your music software company, The Royal Interval.

The Royal Interval was a passion project for me. In my most recent role, I have enjoyed taking a role behind the scenes as an artist manager, away from the stage as an artist. This software allows for communication between talent signed to record labels. Especially now, when everything is digital, songwriters and producers need organizational tools in order to upload their work and keep track of their catalogues.


Do you see yourself as a game-changer in the industry? 

I don’t see myself as a game-changer; I’m more focused on concerns that creatives have, and am interested in how to even the playing-field. Throughout my career, I have focused greatly on stakeholders and finding mutually beneficial relationships. As a manager, that has meant finding collaborations for both established and new artists. I am interested in team-forming and building community, hoping to foster a system that facilitates success for up and coming artists.


What tools are offered to artists who sign-up on your platform?

The platform is currently in beta-testing, but the tools for the signed producers and songwriters help to cultivate overall transparency. Artists are able to view current managers’ needs and submit suitable demos that fit, as well as keep track of their other projects and how they are doing.


Is the Royal Interval really about giving creative freedom to artists? 

Yes, that was the whole idea behind it! Especially with files being shared left and right, it is so easy for something to go missing or not be clearly spelled out. The Royal Interval is a unified system where everything can be shared and managed effortlessly.

How important is giving back to you? 

Giving back is crucial, and any time I can help someone get their foot into the door of the entertainment industry, I don’t hesitate to do so. When I was starting to pursue the artist management route, I had applied and was then denied by every internship. I took that time to manage some of my friends and use them as a case study, which allowed me to network and begin doing my own projects within the industry. The next year, I was able to map that experience onto my current role as an artist manager and talent scout.

Share your vision of your company as we move into 2021. 

The goal for The Royal Interval moving forward is to be acquired by a record label, which would ideally work with me directly to improve the technology and have it fully functioning in the workplace.


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