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Get to Know Multi Talented DJ/Vocalist DJ Karma Camille

DJ Karma Camille

By: T. Felder

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/25/22 – Dj Karma Camille aka Myra Washington has been named one of Music Connection’s Magazine Hot 100 unsigned artist. She grew up in the church playing the drums, directing the choir, and singing during Sunday services. After graduating from Prairie View, A&M University with a BA in Communications and a minor in dance Washington landed a residency at popular Houston night club Scott Gertner’s Skybar. She has gone on to Dj clubs, weddings, festivals, and corporate events, which has allowed her to stay true to her passion for music and finance her move to Los Angeles.

Since her move to Los Angeles Washington has had the opportunity to work with a host of well-known celebrities and brands including MAC Cosmetics, DL Hughley, Kevin Hart, Simon Cowell, Khloe Kardashian, Britney Spears, LA Ried, Nicole Scherzinger, and Paula Abdul. She has also been able to showcase her vocal abilities by opening for artists such as Chris Brown, Estelle, Pati Labelle, Macy Gray, Jennifer Lewis, Babyface, Ron Isely, Fantasia, Ray J, and Brian Mcknight.

DJ Karma Camille singing live

THT had the chance to catch up with DJ Karma Camille to discuss her religious upbringing, rise to fame and future projects.

THT: Where are you from?

DJ Karma Camille:  I was born in Port Arthur TX, by way of Houston TX. 

THT: Did growing up in the church help to establish your love for music?

DJ Karma Camille: Absolutely, Church was the foundation for the passion that I have for music. Especially since my parents are both musically inclined and the pastors of the church. I was destined to be a musician.

THT: You are currently an unsigned artist; Do you plan to stay independent?

DJ Karma Camille: I am an indie artist as of now. I would love to stay an indie artist just on a larger scale; However, I will never say never. If the right opportunity comes along, I would definitely be open to it.

THT: You graduated from Prairie View A&M, how did you manage school and your musical career?

DJ Karma Camille: I always knew that I wanted to be an entertainer. School was just a way to escape from my parents’ house lol. It also provided me with a backup plan just in case “Music” didn’t work out. I chose to major and minor in RATV communications and Dance, as a part of my plan to help me hone myself as a performer. 

THT: Your two youngest siblings both have had great musical success; How have you carved out your path to success?

DJ Karma Camille: I remind myself not to let money be my driving force. I stay focus on my passion and the ability to share joy with others through music. It’s like medicine when you’re sick and I’m the doctor with the prescription. It gives me so much pleasure to know that I can help heal.

THT: How did you become a DJ?

DJ Karma Camille:  I became a DJ because I was singing for a lot of private functions. On the breaks, while the band got a break I would be asked to stay back and man the iPod. This was happening as I was planning my move to LA. It dawned on me; I should be getting paid for this. I already knew how to read a crowd. I loved entertaining and I was going to need another source of income when I got to LA. So, I called a few Dj friends, Dj Wild whom I met at a summer internship at Hot 97.1 Houston and DJ Boogie who was already spinning at local clubs that I was playing, to help me learn the basics.

THT: Do you enjoy singing more than Dj’ing?

DJ Karma Camille: Thats a great question. I really love singing. I get to break away from my usually reserved personality and transform into anyone I need to be for the moment. Singing lets me be wild, free, very expressive and way more vulnerable. DJ’ing is a different kind of high for me. It’s like I’m the captain of a ship, I’m in charge, just me no copilot and I get to be in control of how good I can make you feel, while not having to say one word. I can’t choose … It depends on the day.

THT: What advice would you give to those pursuing a musical career?

DJ Karma Camille: The best advice I can give is to stay focused on the prize. Once you realize that your gift is an actual gift, you treat it as such, and you reciprocate. There is a bible verse that always helps me through. It says, “The race isn’t given to the swift or the strong but to the one that endures to the end” and I stand on that.

THT: Are you working on any new projects?

DJ Karma Camille: I’m currently working with my band Loud as Funk. We have a new single out entitled “Friyay” and we will be releasing a remix produced by Grammy award winning Dave Audé in May. Its sounds amazing!!!

THT: Where can our readers find your music?

DJ Karma Camille: On all digital platforms including Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud, @shesinganddj on IG and @myrwashingtonshesingsanddj on YouTube to check out my live performances.