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Mr. Pyrex Man Pulls the Plug on Jake Paul

By Kevin Dranoff 

New Jersey (The Hollywood Times) 12/19/21 – Rapper Benny The Butcher is my favorite guy in the world right now because he just tko’d Jake Paul.  He says the boxing shit is fake and it’s time to pull the plug on the whole operation.  Benny is the freshest rockstar rapper right now. He is just being himself which is the rarest thing in the industry and even the world right now.  Kindness gets you kindness and that’s the type of guy Benny is and those are the type of people I root for.  Speaking of which… Happy Birthday to my friend Rah Digga yesterday!  I don’t even need to say shit because this is the guy who raps “humble flex” which is how Barack Obama won the world and the Presidency when he rocked our country to calmness with his demeanor.  If I have learned anything in my life it’s that the bullies never win.  That is why my favorite music video this week is Mr. Pyrex man right after he just came with OT THE REAL’s “Coke & Gun’s”.  Like Benny says, “really ain’t shit to talk about I do this shit for the streets Straight like that though Ah, it’s like a breath of Fresh Ayr Yo, I’m Mr. Pyrex Man.”  Check out the link below!

– Mr. Pyrex Man (Official Music Video)