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Modern Sacred Fashion at Sanctuary

Kenn Gray Hayes

By Tequila Mockingbird

Mario-Max Prinz Zu Schaumburg-Lippe

Photos by Dietmar Kohl


Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/17/19 – Fashion Week got off to a tremendous start with Sanctuary Fashion Week at St John’s Cathedral. The glorious cathedral provided an amazing backdrop to one of the most exciting productions of shows this year. Hosted by Mario-Max Prinz Zu Schaumberg-Lippe owners/producers, Kenn & Korrie Gray Hayes, Sanctuary provided a fantasy vacation from the social media onslaught with a true feeling of other worldliness. Sanctuary presented 8 amazing designer fashion shows and 7 recording artists performances, all of which dropped their newest singles at the event. A feast for the eyes and ears alike, Sanctuary was just that… a Sanctuary for fashion, music and art. Even exhibitions of Guggenheim fellow, Jose Schmill and other artists rounded out the creative supernova and the cathedral, packed with over 1000 fashionistas, celebrities and influencers was extraordinary to be clear. We are looking forward to the next addition of Sanctuary Fashion Week produces by these masterminds at Gray Haze Media and, from what we hear, we won’t have to wait long! A fashion Gala is in the works for June as well as Sanctuary NYC in September and back in LA for Sanctuary Fashion Week in October!