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MMA Battle!  USA vs. CHINA–

Rising LEGENDS MMA star Gabby Romero traveling to China to take on China’s Bo Meng

By Dr. Laura Wilhelm, LauraWi Intercultural

West Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 5/4/17 – On Friday, April 28th, 2017 Legends MMA owner and coach Mark Bradford took Gabby Romero to China to fight Bo Meng, who is ranked fourth in China and 47th worldwide.  Romero, a Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt World Champion, won the fight via armbar at the end of the first round. 

Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center Stadium

The “Rise of Heroes” battle took place in Chengde, Hebei, China at the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium.  Professor Bradford bought Legends MMA in early 2017 and is revitalizing the iconic brand.    

Beijing TV Centre

Originating in 2016, these sporting events are live streamed in China and broadcast live on Beijing TV, formerly CCTV, a #1 main news source that reaches 1.2 billion viewers.  For more information, please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glory_of_Heroes