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Miceli’s Private Zoom Parties

By Miceli’s

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 6/3/20 – As we all know demonstrations and unrest in Hollywood have absorbed all of our focus.

So with that, here are some details about Miceli’s Private Zoom Parties.

The idea came out of our decision to feature a Friday night Zoom Concert for the restaurant; after dining-in was banned due to the corona virus pandemic, we wanted a way to give our patrons a taste — pardon the pun — of what a night at Miceli’s would really be like. I have attached a press release for further details.

Our restaurant here in Hollywood has a private basement room which has been very popular through the years for rehearsal dinners, holiday parties, and corporate meetings. It seemed logical to include this option in our ‘virtual Miceli’s’ concept.


Here’s how it works:

In order to schedule a Private Zoom Party, the host has to guarantee an order of $200, and provide a guest list, date, and time. They can also consult with our staff about the songs they would like to have featured during their party; all of our servers are professional singers, many with Broadway or major Opera credits. Also, Miceli’s has our own special songs for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc, so  those would likely be requested.

On the day of the party, the party guests can then either call the restaurant directly for pick-up, or order their food through one of our online food delivery partners. When they place their order, they add a note to it that they are a part of a Private Zoom Party, along with the host’s name. We encourage all guests to order well in advance, to make sure all the food is delivered to the various locations on time. The Zoom Party will have its own Zoom ID number and password, so only invited guests can attend.

Once the party starts, we offer a level of interaction that’s unavailable in our Zoom Concerts, or even to a regular Miceli’s dine-in customer! Party guests have their own virtual server with whom they can chat, make song requests, and ask any questions they might have about the restaurant or singing in general (we do get a lot of these questions from patrons during a typical night.)

We here at Miceli’s look forward to re-opening soon, and are working to implement all of the Mayor’s new guidelines to do so safely. However, we do recognize that some might still be hesitant to rush out of their homes, so we hope to continue to offer the option of Zoom Parties even after we go back to regular  lunch and dinner service.