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MGEG Film Fund I


By: Dr. Laura Wilhelm


Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 10/16/2017 – Industry veterans Martin Pompadur and E! co-founder Larry Namer, principals of Metan Global Entertainment Group (MGEG) and CMR Capital Group (CMR), have joined forces to establish the new MGEG FILM FUND I.

Larry Namer & Martin Pompadur

MGEG FILM FUND I will focus on providing loans against tax credits and incentives and other forms of secured financing to independent film and content companies around the world for projects in the $500K to $20 million budget range. The fund’s legal affairs are represented by Barnes & Thornburg LLP.

MGEG chairman Martin Pompadur, longtime ABC executive and former chairman of News Corporation Europe, comments, “Metan is pleased to partner with CMR on creating this new fund targeting independent film and content producers around the world. We look forward to working with the global entertainment community to develop quality projects together.”

Scott Shea

“CMR is delighted to have the opportunity to work with industry legends Martin Pompadur and Larry Namer as we diversify our investment portfolios beyond real estate,” comments F. Scott Shea, CMR managing director. “There are many similarities conceptually between film and real estate financing and we’re pleased to align with Metan, not only for its industry acumen but also its rooting in strong financial disciplines.”

MGEG FILM FUND I is based in Los Angeles, with Metan Global Entertainment Group LLC serving as the fund’s managing partner. “We look forward to opening our doors to independent filmmakers and filmed content creators across the globe to find quality projects that will be a good fit for our fund,” says Larry Namer, president/CEO, MGEG.

Metan Global Entertainment Group LLC is a multi-media company focused on delivering Western entertainment content to China, and, conversely, producing and exporting high-quality content in China to be sold and distributed internationally on a variety of platforms including television, film, online, and digital mobile devices. Metan also leverages its network resources and far-reaching strategic relationships in the US and Europe to develop content for the global entertainment community. Metan currently has offices in Los Angeles, Beijing, and Shanghai.


CMR Capital Group is a diversified real estate investment, private fund formation, and asset management firm based in Pasadena, CA. This wholly-owned subsidiary is a Registered Investment Advisor in the United States. CMR seeks to produce attractive, risk-adjusted returns for its investors through the acquisition of a variety of select investments across diversified asset classes and product types.