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Mexico Earthquake Benefit at Rain on Ventura Blvd.

Sofia Milos (Photo Reinhardt Shulte)

Latino Stars Band Together to Raise Funds and Awareness of Mexico’s Recent Devastating Earthquake

By Elizabeth Carbe’


Studio City, CA (The Hollywood Times) 11/14/17 – On Tuesday November 7th a who’s who of the Latino entertainment community descended on the well-known Club Rain in Studio City to show their support for the victims of the recent earthquake in Mexico. Actress Sofia Milos, best known for her roles in “CSI: Miami” and “The Sopranos”, hosted the fundraiser.

Diego Verdaguer and Sofia Milos (Photo Reinhardt Shulte)

The red carpet event was produced by Milos and her friends, producers Jaime and Carolina Aymerich. The prominent Argentinian singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and composer Diego Verdaguer (now a resident of Mexico City together with his wife, acclaimed singer Amanda Miguel) showed his support by giving a private concert to the guests.

Mariachi , Voces de Jalisco with Sofia (Photo Reinhardt Shulte)



Diego was accompanied by the talented young mariachi band, Voces de Jalisco.

Carolina, Diego, Sofia and Jaime (Photo THT)

The evening began with DJ Tito who was soon joined by a talented musician, Sanjama,  on the panpipes. They delivered a brief, fun and exuberant performance that lit up the room.  The audience wasted no time in joining the festivities. They quickly took to the dance floor and sang along with familiar Latin American songs set to an electronic beat.

Milos then took the stage to thank everyone for their support. She explained why she had only five days to put the whole fundraiser together: Verdaguer was unexpectedly going to be in Los Angeles and wanted to help raise money for the victims of the earthquake tragedy.


They decided a celebrity fundraiser with a private concert by Diego would be the way to go.  Says Milos, “I took on the challenge and, with the help of Jaime and Caroline Aymerich, we made it happen.”

Sofia went on to thank Verdaguer and the many other celebrities who came out on such short notice to help.  “The victims of the earthquake in Mexico have suffered a great tragedy and need all the support that we can give them,” says Milos.  Many of these people are now without the basic comforts that we all take for granted.


She let everyone know that one hundred percent of everything they donated will be going directly to the victims and encouraged people to give whatever they could.

Diego and Voces de Jalisco (Photo THT)

With Voces de Jalisco backing him up, Diego Verdaguer then took the stage, performing many of his classic songs. Renowned for his passionate vocal stylings and heartfelt pop songs, he did not disappoint.

His set ranged from upbeat songs performed with the band to the more intimate and romantic pieces where he accompanied himself with the guitar.   It was a rare opportunity to enjoy a stripped down performance from a celebrated Latin American songwriter.

Many other celebrities joined the event including Columbian Valentina Rendon and actress Estefania Rebellon. The alluring ex-beauty queen turned singer Ana Barbara also joined the cause. Cuban-American soap star  Lyduan Gonzalez came down to lend his support.

Valentina Rendon (Photo THT)
Ana Barbara (Photo THT)

With such short lead time, the lineup and star power that came together at Club Rain was inspiring and clearly heartfelt.  Milos plans another fundraiser in December, one that will have the benefit of more lead time and an excellent kick-off with a mini-concert by Verdaguer.  Both events will help to shine a light on the ongoing plight of those affected by the terrible earthquake of September 7, 2017.


Sammi Rotibi (Photo Reinhardt Shulte)

Sammi Rotibi is an actor, known for Django Unchained (2012), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Lord of War (2005).