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Celebrate Mexican Heritage Month with the Authentic Flavor of IZO Spirits!

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 08/18/2020 – Gaston Martinez is the Founder and CEO of IZO, which sustainably produces a collection of premium, handcrafted agave spirits according to centuries of tradition in the heart of Durango, Mexico. A native of Durango, Martinez created the IZO brand to carry out his lifelong vision of preserving the legacy of pure, all-natural Mezcal for which his hometown is known. “In my family and culture, Mezcal was a symbol of celebration and the pure enjoyment of life,” explains Martinez.


With Hispanic Heritage Month around the corner, Sept 15- Oct 15, share your backstory. 

I was born and raised in Durango Mexico and came to San Diego 15 years ago. When I moved to San Diego, I wanted to bring a bit of Durango and the culture with me. Fast forward to today, I was able to create a product that brings me back, and celebrates my culture! 


What are you most proud of?

 I’m most proud of being able to do what I love every day and sharing it with the world! 

As the Founder of IZO Mezcal and Spirits, how has the pandemic strengthened your sense of community? 

We are all in this together we need each other we need to support each other. During the pandemic, we produced and donated thousands of hand sanitizers to our community in need and reached out to our local bartenders to create cocktails for a chance to win cash prizes!


Tell us about your award-winning Mezcal. We are so proud to have produced one of the most elegant and sophisticated Mezcals in Mexico. 

What is it that you want people to know about your culture as we approach Hispanic Heritage Month? 


Our culture is all about how we celebrate, the way we get together, and our culture and how important it is to keep it alive!

How does IZO support sustainability? 


Our distillery has a water treatment solar panel. We don’t waste anything and we are bringing Agave back to the fields from wherever we harvest.

What is your vision for 2020? 

Our vision for 2020 is to expand and take the opportunity to bring new products to the market and bring a taste of history with us! The only Mexican agave spirits family.