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Metrolink is Offering Free Train Rides on Earth Day, Monday April 22

By: Judy Shields

Go Green on Earth Day with FREE RIDES!

On Earth Day, Monday, April 22, Metrolink is offering FREE RIDES to all riders anywhere we serve!


Give yourself, your car and the environment a break by taking advantage of this special day to put the Earth first.

Plus, if you download the Metrolink Mobile App by April 22, you will receive a free Round-Trip ticket to make any day Earth Day!
What a great opportunity to take the Metrolink Train down to Oceanside for free on Monday, April 22nd Earth Day. Take the train down to Oceanside and have lunch on the pier at Rudy’s Diner and stroll along in the sand. Then take the last train back into Los Angeles. It is a great day trip, I have done it several times. I highly recommend it. Just go to and look at the schedule for the day.

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Metrolink trains provide safe, clean and sustainable transportation to help keep the air clean. Join the movement to improve SoCal’s air by ditching your car and riding the train. Ride for free anytime on Earth Day and consider it every day to protect our future.
If 1,000 people gave up their cars and rode Metrolink on Earth Day, they would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 23,472 pounds, which would be equivalent to the carbon removed by a 12-acre forest, which is the size of 10 football fields
Metrolink is one of the cleanest ways to travel-reducing over 110K metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.
85% of Metrolink riders own a car, but perfer to ride Metrolink.
Metrolink’s service reduces 8.7 million car trip annually.
Metrolink reduces traffic volume during peak hours in peak directions by up to 28%.
I have been riding Metrolink trains for over 20 years into downtown LA and it makes a difference on your day.  Why, you ask, because there is no stress riding along on a Metrolink train as you see all those cars on the 10 fwy heading to Los Angeles, most likely stressing in bumper to bumper traffic.
You can read a book, watch your favorite shows on your laptop, tablet or cellphone.  Take care of your emails before you get to to the office or just take a long nap.  Give it try on Earth Day for FREE and you will be hooked!

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Thank you to our Earth Day 2019 sponsor, South Coast AQMD.