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Media and Advertising Leader Matt Wasserlauf Launches Two New Shows – Laughter is the Best Medicine and American Health Journal

By Debra Wallace

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 10/27/2021


It takes a true visionary to create the first video media company based on Blockchain Technology and this is exactly what Matt Wasserlauf has done.

Wasserlauf, a media advertising and digital pioneer and founder of Blockboard, is proud to announce that Blockboard will produce and distribute two original program series available to sponsors. Blockboard provides world-class production and premium media through its blockchain-powered platform.


The first program is Laughter is the Best Medicine, debuting this fall and running through December 31. The program is hosted by Ron Insana and features legends in comedy such as Tom Bergeron, (Dancing with the Stars), and Bob Saget (America’s Funniest Home Videos), as well as other performing greats including Robert Klein and Russ Meneve.

The webisode will be distributed across Facebook,, and the New York Post, among others, and geo-targeted to northern NJ and Manhattan, reaching over 2.6 million people. It can be geo-targeted based on each sponsors’ specific reach and demographic.

Laughter is the Best Medicine has achieved a 21 percent engagement rate Facebook in only the first few weeks since launch; compared to the engagement rate on an industry average of .08 percent.

The series fully integrates any sponsors making it a strong advertising vehicle with the messaging targeted to the proper outlets appropriate for any client and Blockboard can measure the reach and engagement.


Also, debuting this fall is the American Health Journal, from November 1 through February 28, 2022. This web series features two-to-three minutes of interviews with doctors about the human growth hormone.

The series will be distributed across social media and CTV including Facebook and Roku and targeted to caregivers of patients. The show is produced by Windsor Broadcast Productions, the producers of the PBS award-winning American Health Journal, and directed and distributed by Blockboard.


Some of the other programs on the Blockboard lineup include Digital Diaries– Quarantine Edition, #AlumniChallenge, Race to Home, American Health Journal, The American Table, Her Money Happy Hour, Friars Side Chats, Heading Home, One Dream Can Change the World, and Feel Ageless–At Home with Jennifer.

“Both of these series are a homerun for the viewer and the sponsor,” Wasserlauf says. “Our goal is to provide exciting content to the audience while meeting the client’s needs in terms of messaging and results.”


Here is The Hollywood Times’ exclusive interview with Matt Wasserlauf:

THT: Matt, what are Blockboard’s mission and philosophy?

Matt Wasserlauf: Blockboard brings blockchain to the Video marketplace.  The video content business is the next-generation platform company helping marketers create successful advertising and programming for the new mobile and CTV digital age.  Blockboard provides blockchain technology to deliver transparency and accountability to the video distribution ecosystem.

THT: What makes your company Blockboard unique?

Matt: Blockchain platform for video

THT: With all of the media and advertising choices available to us, why should sponsors and advertisers pick Blockboard?

Matt: Results.  We drive their KPIs (Key Performance Indices) better than everyone else.

THT: You are producing two new original programs – Laughter is the Best Medicine and American Health Journal. Please tell me what excites you about each of them?

Matt: These two shows perform for their sponsors.  Laughter is the Best Medicine is driving a 20 percent + engagement for their sponsor. That sponsor is over the moon excited about that performance and renewed in 2021 because of it.  American Health Journal will produce doctors’ interviews for its pharmaceutical sponsor and Blockboard will distribute that programming across CTV and social media to deliver their audience and performance. That’s why I’m excited about these two shows for the sponsors and others interested in sponsorship of these shows or others in our line-up.

THT: You are known as a media advertising and digital pioneer. What does this distinction mean to you?

Matt: It means a great deal to me. I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past 20 years building digital video.

THT: You are also known as a true visionary – how do you feel about this?

Matt: I feel very strongly about that and it’s why I’m so determined to drive digital video toward a better place over the next 20 years.

THT: Why is mentoring so important to you?

Matt: My mentor Jim DePalma gave me my first opportunity in digital video at CBS and has helped me immeasurably over the past 20 years.  That mentorship experience is why I want to give back.

THT: What do you enjoy most about media?

Matt: I enjoy media, but am most passionate about the creative side of the business.  Over my 30-year career, I’ve sold shows like Friends, ER and Survivor. I’ve created and distributed shows such as Jen & Barb: Mom Life which won a Webby and Geico’s NFL Digital Diaries. Content is the most exciting aspect of media for me.

THT: Your favorite Life Lesson quote is “Don’t worry about someone stealing your idea.” Please tell me more.

Matt: I remember seeing that quote and laughing out loud.  The quote gets at the essence of building a start-up.  It’s so hard and takes so much persistence that it doesn’t matter if anyone else has your idea. How much do you want it?  That’s what will determine if you succeed or fail.

THT: What are the one or two most important business lessons you have learned and want to share?

Matt: Surround yourself with people you can trust. I’m so much more careful about who I work with and partner with at this stage in my career and I tell young people to think about this as well. Also, do the right thing.  Your reputation is all you’ve got.  It’s so important to do the right thing and operate that way.  If you make a mistake (and everyone does) own it and own up to it.  And learn from it.  It’s imperative to maintain your reputation if you want to have a long and successful career in business.

THT: Who has inspired you to pursue your business and personal goals?

Matt: Most of my drive and passion come from within. I’ve always been competitive since my baseball playing days growing up. Today, a lot of my inspiration comes from Dara, my wife, and my three kids, Zach, Theo, and Zoe. I’ve always taught them to work hard and pursue their dreams. Now, they turn that lesson back on me!

THT: Blockboard is a new digital distribution platform service that utilizes Blockchain technology to distribute videos. Can you explain this further?

Matt: We rebuilt the entire video ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain.  The reason we did it is that most video distribution is done inside a black box with little to no transparency.  Blockchain is at its core, a public ledger.  It provides that transparency that is missing from the digital video so now, all of Blockboard’s clients such as Chipotle, Ascendis, and Eight O’clock coffee can see exactly where their impressions ran and how it’s performed.  It’s a game-changer.

THT: What are the family holiday traditions that you enjoy?

Matt: I’m a big Thanksgiving guy and that holiday is fast approaching.  It’s always great to have the family around and there’s nothing better than the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade!

THT: What is your vision of Blockboard for the future?

Matt: The vision for Blockboard is growth. There is roughly $20-$30 billion of fraud in the Video marketplace.  Blockboard will grow its sales team to get the word out and help marketers protect their investment and drive real results.  We’ve got a lot of work to do and we’re excited to get after it.

THT: Please provide your website and social media links.