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Mastermind Comics offers unique and refreshing stories with diverse characters that simply captivates readers of all ages. They offer many genres which go beyond action and drama, so be sure to use the link at the bottom of this story to see what catches your eye. The brainchild is a fellow named Kojo, who just happens to be a member of an indigenous nation. Traditionally, there are plots and characters which follow typical stories and seem to play it safe with the reader, however, Mastermind Comics brings to life characters and plots that grip the reader and takes you on a journey which you just might find yourself having dreams about. Really. Mastermind Comics is successfully striving to show a new age of manga, comics and graphic novels to the world which are both entertaining and educational, so look for them at your local bookstore and library. Who knows, you might see them come to life on TV or at the movies in the not-too-distant future. They also have some fun swag that you can proudly display or wear!