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MAS2TV Announces its Premiere Cooking Series in Partnership with Gourmand Award Chef – Chris De La Rosa

chris-de-la-rosa-cookbook-authorEver wondered what it would feel like to climb and sit on the Blue Mountain Peak; on a warm sunny morning in Jamaica and enjoy fresh cup of home brewed coffee grown from these mountains? Or witness the magnificence of the world’s widest single drop waterfall in Guyana? Or perhaps the sit in the only “drive-in” volcano in the world and enjoy a hot sulphur bath in the piton mountains of St. Lucia. Yes, the Caribbean is much more than sea, sand and sun.

Our newest television series takes you around Caribbean, South and Central America via the culinary skills of one of the most eclectic chefs from the region; “his unconventional style of cooking combined with his vast knowledge of the region and add in some entertainment, health and wellness makes this series a must see” said Dianne Bissoon, EVP/CCO, of MAS2TV. Chris’s down to home approach doesn’t just make you want to visit any of the islands, but rather makes you feel you were in someone’s kitchen on island.”


Host and creator Chris De La Rosa is a self-taught chef originally from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago who now resides in North America. However, his reach is far more global that one would expect. Caribbean Pot was born out of the need to not deprive global cultures of Caribbean flavors, combined with preserving recipes and traditions handed down to him from his ancestors and eventually ensuring that his daughters would inherit such traditions. Family is everything to Chris and now he gets to share both with viewers. 

Chris has been featured in several editions of Zing Magazine, Canada’s AM show on CTV, Huffington Post and as far east as Ariang TV in Seoul Korea. “I feel extremely blessed for the opportunity to share not only my culinary talents and recipes but also to showcase my love for this region and give our people and culture their rightful dues,” added Chris, host and creator of Caribbean Pot. “Everything about us is different from our accents, to our music and most certainly our food is unique to each island.”


 The series airs every Friday at 9pm EST and is available on all screens- Roku, tablets, smartphones and web.