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Married at First Sight: The Couple’s Astrological Compatability Ranked 

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By Bethany Nicole

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 9/14/22 – “Married at First Sight” is the modern-day matchmaking experiment that matches couples sight unseen to be married on the day they meet. They are matched on all kinds of long-term compatibility components such as goals, values, lifestyles, and careers, but one thing they are not matched on is astrology. That is where we come in, we are here to break down the astrological pairings of these newlyweds to determine whether their love is written in the stars, or destined for divorce.


Krysten and Mitch- Virgo & Leo

Virgo Krysten- Krysten is a Virgo, an Earth sign and the sign of the pristine Virgin. While Krysten appears to be far more flexible than your average  Virgo she is full of determination and loyalty, both very Virgo-esque qualities. But as with many Virgo that loyalty and determination can almost act as blinders, causing her to have one-tracked tunnel vision. Basically, the success of the relationship is paramount to her, despite what sacrifices she may have to make to get there. However, we have seen her reining in this overindulgent behavior in recent episodes where she has begun speaking her mind and putting down her foot. Krysten displays a lot of very beneficial Virgo qualities and she is certainly ready for a long-term and committed relationship, but finding the right person for that might be her challenge.

Krysten and Mitch (Photo Credit: Lifetime)

Leo Mitch– Mitch is a Leo, a fire sign, and the sign of the lion. The lion is the proud, shot-calling king of the jungle, so self-assured it can tip towards arrogance. Sound like anyone we know? Exactly. Mitch displays so many of these Leo qualities, or what we call the “wounded Leo.” The unchecked and unaware shadow aspects get allowed to take the reins, run the show, and ultimately hijack the relationship. We see a lot of this with Mitch’s ‘my way or the highway’ stance on environmentalism as well as his deciding vote on the pace and rhythm of the relationship. Mitch is also very concerned with how he appears to others, a very Leo trait. He tries to ensure he is always viewed as the most environmentally conscious person in the room and if he is not, he will even resort to making scenes to claim the throne. He also makes comments such as “she can’t just be like me right away” referring to how Krysten needs to adapt to be more like him, revealing he thinks his way, is the best way. This man is displaying some very Leo lion qualities.

Compatibility Check: While Leo and Virgo can have some personality differences, with Leo’s being the ultimate extrovert and Virgo’s tending to prefer a more intimate setting, these two are actually a good astrological pairing. Leo and Virgo are both very loyal, dedicated, and focused. When paired they can become an unstoppable force. Can you say power couple? Leo’s fiery nature can help motivate Virgo and Virgo’s earth energy can help ground Leo’s passion in reality, helping make both of the dreams come true. So if Mitch can work on the wounded aspects of his personality, and Krysten can learn to hold her ground against the lion’s roar, these two are actually an astrological pairing that can be pointed towards success. Making them our number one astrological duo.

Stacia and Nate- Aquarius and Pisces

Stacia and Nate’s communication has been a bit of a miss so far,  but now we can begin to see why. An Aquarius and Pisces pairing can go either way depending on what aspects of the signs the two are exhibiting, but if these two can get their ducks in a row, it can be quite a successful match. So let’s dive into the deeper aspects of what’s going on with these two.


Aquarius Stacia– Stacia is an Aquarius, an air sign, and the sign of the water bearer. The water bearer indicates a love of taking ideas and concepts and spreading them far and wide. Which is exactly what makes Stacia so successful in her career. Stacia has a thriving YouTube channel that distributes lifestyle info that includes everything from DIY charcuterie to building your own fence. But while the Aquarius qualities can make her an effective stand-alone entrepreneur with a knack for know-how and making cold, factual business decisions, it can make a relationship difficult. We see some of Stacia’s business prowess spilling over into her relationship as she pesters Nate for an almost business-style arrangement. Between post-nup contracts and tattoos, basically a contract you sign with your body, we can see that her method for entering partnerships is very all business no pleasure. The Aquarius is very self-sufficient and stand-alone, often opting out of emotions for facts. Which is why she is most likely ok with just the verbal “I love you” agreement from Nate, whether or not his feelings actually match it and whether or not she emotionally feels the same way.

Stacia and Nate (Photo Credit: Lifetime)

Pisces Nate- Nate is a Pisces, a water sign, and the sign of the fish. Pisces is a mutable sign meaning they are adaptable and as a water sign, double so. They are very intuitive as Pisces is the sign of the psychic, the ability to dive into the unseen realms of intuition and the subconscious. Which we haven’t quite seen displayed with Nate so far, but we are willing to bet he is a lot more attuned than he is letting on. While he is coming across as unattached, most likely beneath the surface he is simply soaking up all his surroundings and what is happening in the relationship. We have seen when he does speak, he has a lot to say, and that most likely comes from his Piscean ability to take in information and interpret it on an almost intuitive level. Pisces can make great partners but as with all water signs can be a bit too flexible when it comes to give and take. They can let things slide or allow things to become too one-sided, giving when they should be receiving for example. We are already seeing some of this as Nate allows Stacia to call the shots from postnup to tattoos, he is being much more agreeable and passive than what he may genuinely feel.


Compatibility Check- So can this watery Pisces and entrepreneur air sign make it happen? It’s all about balance. If Stacia can tap a little more into her emotional side and Nate can stand a little more firm in his desires for and needs within the relationship, these two might actually be able to pull this off. Communication will be key for these two, even when they don’t perceive that anything is “wrong.” While their communication styles may differ, practice will make perfect here. Try, try and try again until they reach the flow of continuous, consistent, and confident communication. With those tweaks, this astrological pairing can actually be quite strong.

Alexis and Justin- Libra & Virgo


Alexis and Justin have had a rough time of it. Despite being one of the initially most compatible couples, their communication and chemistry have gone off the rails as the two struggle to get it back. So what happened here? Could their astrology hold the clues? Let’s find out.

Libra Alexis- Alexis is a Libra, an air sign and the sign of the scales. Libra’s are all about balance and peace, which may initially be confusing as it seems all Alexis has wanted to do lately is fight. But in reality, she is acting very in line with her sign. Following the dog fight, Alexis felt a great injustice was done, something Libra’s cannot abide. She also discusses how she feels she always has to hold Justin’s hand and support him. So overall she feels the relationship is out of balance and is in a constant struggle to balance it. The ongoing fights are most likely her attempt to do so. Libra’s generally have a hard time speaking their mind during disagreements as they tend to avoid conflict at all costs, but Alexis doesn’t seem to have a hard time with the expression piece. Although the Libra avoidance is present in that she is dancing around the main issues. She picks small aspects to fight with Justin about as opposed to the bigger themes of injustice, imbalance, and distrust.

Alexis and Justin (Photo Credit: Lifetime)

Virgo Justin-  Virgo is an Earth sign and the sign of the virgin. It is all about pristine, logic, and order. A place for everything and everything in its place. Although with Justin we see a lot more emotional capacity than what is common to a Virgo. Justin most likely has strong water placements, like a Cancer moon or Pisces rising. He is highly sensitive and highly empathic, as we have seen from his multiple meltdowns, a very uncommon trait for a Virgo. But we do see the Virgo trait of black-and-white thinking. Thinking his way is the best way, he can do it all himself, and that if one person is right then the other has to be wrong. He is also very stubborn, and once he grounds himself down in an opinion he seems hard to shift all very Virgo qualities.

Compatibility Check: So are these two signs compatible? Meh. They can be ok. But since Justin displays much more of his water signs it adds an additional aspect to the relationship dynamic. Basically, these two need a moderator. They go round and round and completely miss the central themes of their arguments. If they had an expert to help them dive deeper into the root issues, call a time-out when the fights got too heated, and helped them bang out better communication styles, then these two might have a shot and a good one. Justin would need to work on empathetic boundaries, and Alexis would need to learn to ask more questions. So could they work? Yes, but the keyword would be ‘work.’ Which they may or may not be willing to put in.

Morgan and Binh- Taurus & Aquarius

Taurus Morgan- Taurus is an earth sign and the sign of the bull. And boy are we seeing that in Morgan right now. As Binh walks around waving red flags, Morgan is on the charge. Taurus is generally a calm, centered, and grounded sign. But when you get them mad, watch out. They can tend towards a stubborn streak and when they stand firm on something, there’s no moving them. We are seeing all of these aspects displayed in Morgan right now as she holds firm in her conviction that Binh is a bad person who has wronged her and she will not be moved. But usually,  a Taurus partner is generally a wonderful asset. Loyal and grounded they can be great long-term partners. But only if the raging bull can be calmed, the flags put away, and the mind opened to other possibilities and perspectives.

Morgan and Binh (Photo Credit Lifetime)

Aquarius Binh- Binh is an Aquarius, as we’ve seen that is an air sign and the sign of the water bearer. Binh demonstrates a lot of Aquarius qualities, from checking the voltage on all of Morgan’s appliances, to shutting down and completely avoiding arguments, he displays a lot of traditional qualities. The biggest thing we are seeing with Binh is avoidance. It is not uncommon for an Aquarius to avoid conflict or have a difficult time expressing their emotions to the person involved in them. So it’s no surprise Binh chooses to hash out his relationship issues with his buddy Justin. But the problem with avoidance, is it generally does not work. It causes issues to go unresolved, fall on other people, and grow in scale, as we are seeing here. It is often the Aqarius’s work in this life to begin addressing conflict in a more direct way.

Compatibility Check: Astrologically these two can be an ok match. Taurus and Aquarius can both value success, enjoy loyal and long-term relationships, and find common threads to build connections on. Now Morgan and Binh’s compatibility dynamic, that’s another story. Morgan seems to have a lot of unresolved trauma that Binh’s behavior is a bull’s red flag being waved in her face on. Basically, his avoidance is very triggering for her and once she begins the charge she’s not backing down. His avoidant ways cause her to dominate the arguments even when she’s wrong. So the answer? A referee. An experienced expert that can help moderate the fights and present both sides more fairly. Morgan would need to work through some of the trauma and Binh would have to work on being more direct. Without this–these two are destined for disaster. Astrologically and otherwise.

Lindy and Miguel- Gemini & Cancer

We got a little sneak peek at these two’s astrological matchup during the post-wedding family brunches when Miguel’s sister spilled the tea that Gemini Lindy would not be a good match for her Cancer brother Miguel. But hold on sis, let’s not be too hasty. While Gemini and Cancer may not be the most natural match in the zodiac, it can be done. So let’s dive in.

Gemini Lindy-Lindy is a Gemini which is an air sign and the sign of the twins. It is ruled by the planet of Mercury, the planet that controls communication, meaning Gemini’s love to chat. A trait we have seen abounds in Lindy. Lindy often gets a strong case of the “Gemini spins” in which the thoughts in her head take over and she begins hashing out scenes and scenarios that haven’t even happened yet. Her stream of consciousness is released into the world sans filter, and Miguel finds it hard to keep up. He also sometimes seems to interpret Lindy’s stream of consciousness chatter as more than what it is, he often feels she has a deeper and sometimes ill-intentioned meaning behind it and considers it a “red flag.” Gemini is also as the sign of the twins meaning they can see things from multiple perspectives, almost a little too much. It can cause them to participate in something called the “Gemini flip” where they change their mind about someone or something seemingly overnight. We got a glimpse of this last season when Gemini Myrla changed her mind overnight about Taurus Gil, with seemingly no rhyme or reason. But that’s a Gemini for you. But although the flip might seem impromptu and unwarranted, Gemini’s are very perceptive and fast-moving, and more often than not they have simply picked up a scent of incompatibility on the breeze. So while the flip may seem sudden, it’s not usually wrong.

Lindy and Miguel (Photo Credit Lifetime)

Cancer Miguel– Miguel is a Cancer, a water sign, and the sign of the crab. It is ruled by the moon which is our emotional center. Cancer’s are very deep, and emotional and crave high levels of safety and intimacy in their relationships. As a water sign, they like having a container, something that can define them and give their lives meaning and shape. But with that, can come a sense of overidentification, even dependency on a relationship or another person. While we haven’t seen this aspect demonstrated in Miguel much yet, we do see his deep-seated need for security showing up. His hypervigilance for Lindy’s “red flags” are actually a reflection of his search for safety. If he can’t trust Lindy or their relationship he wants no part of it. So while it may seem like the opposite, that he is not truly invested, he is actually overinvested in Lindy being the determining factor of stability in their relationship.

Compatibility Check: So can these two overcome their elemental differences to live happily ever after? With a little help, yes. If Miguel can recognize Lindy’s Gemini spins for what they are, then he can navigate them a lot more smoothly. Instead of becoming reactive to them or labeling them a “red flag” he can help Lindy recognize that some of the situations she is in a tizzy over, haven’t even come to pass yet and may never. He can also help her rein in the whirlwind of thoughts to help her determine which ones are most helpful to her and the relationship and which ones can blow away on the breeze. For Lindy’s part, recognizing the Cancerian aspects of Miguel, she can see that above all in relationships he will need to feel safe, held, seen, and secure. By learning to communicate these aspects to him through actions, emotions, and words she can help him lessen the need to feel hyperaware of “red flags” and be less dependent on her to be the stabilizing factor in the relationship. Because relying on a Gemini for nurturing, is more likely to leave you in the dust than in a relationship.

So there it is, the five couples’ astrology explained, expounded, and ranked. But as with all astrological matchings, there are a lot of factors that can come into play, moon, and rising signs, Venus placements etc., which we do not have. But what we have is a general outline of the couple’s compatibility and if their love life really could be written in the stars, or if the fault in their relationship, Dear Brutus, does not lie in their stars but in themselves.