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Maria Sole Tognazz’s writing and directing will leave all encompassed by Marina and Federica’s life and all that it involves, in an Italian feature film ‘Me, Myself and Her’.

maria-sole-tognazzi-2-e1454941077647By: Kim Kennedy

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/15/2016- “I was on a rollercoaster of feelings towards this story, and in the final minute of the film, my opinion took a 180, once again”.

As I sat down with my girlfriend to watch Me, Myself and Her, we were honestly both dubious. Not because the cover of the DVD didn’t deliver an honest, and modern image, but due to the fact we are both actresses, in a same sex relationship, who have watched a lot of movies, and once again the story contained, yes, cheating.

2maria-sole-tognazziWe arrived at opening scene of the film, and were met with English subtitles. I wondered if I could really connect to characters when I couldn’t understand their native tongue. Would I miss anything in their eyes, as I would need to constantly be reading the dialog?

No, is the answer. I was pleasantly surprised. Maria Sole Tognazz writing and directing transport you into a household, making you immediately feel safe and involved in the two women, quickly forgetting that this is an ‘LGBT film’. For me this is hugely important. Cinema isn’t about segregating a group, even if it is with good intentions. It is about depicting true life, or real-to-life issues and circumstances. An Me, Myself and Her did just that.

Margherita Buy and Sabrina Ferilli star as the central couple of Tognazzi’s latest
Margherita Buy and Sabrina Ferilli star as the central couple of Tognazzi’s latest

Aesthetically the locations, wardrobe and casting all were in line with making the story, and Marina and Federica’s life relatable, as much as it is aspirational. Speaking of aesthetics, Arnaldo Catinari’s cinematography, was clearly influenced by his study of architecture, giving us rich and clean lines, of perfectly flawed old buildings and modern interiors.

The story is based around two women in their 50’s. Both deeply in love with each other, 1 marriage with children, 2 careers, 1 cat, a beautiful apartment and 5 years and sadly soon to be an affair, under their belt. We go through every amount of turmoil surrounded by the elephant in the room, no not the cheating, which is obviously the big issue, but the idea of really ashamed or in the closet, whilst in a relationship.

The writing is conversational, without a moment or boring. Its sarcastic and witty. The edit on the film, leaves it feeling fun and fresh, as well as dramatic, almost like a high end TV show. There are moments which I would have enjoyed an indulgent pause, like in most indie to box office movies these days. But that’s just me.

“Not everyone has thought about telling a story with two women over fifty because it is still not accepted really.”
“Not everyone has thought about telling a story with two women over fifty because it is still not accepted really.”

Sabrina Ferilli depiction of the ex actress Marina, who is very comfortable with who she is, takes this film to new heights. She;s charming and watchable, breathing life into every scene to the film. Not that it would be needed, as she stars across from seventime David di Donatello Awards winner, Margherita Buy. Buy’s role, as Federica provides us with the affair, the elephant in the room and emotion in the eyes like no other.

I was blown away with everything about this film, and sad that I was so dubious. It gave me everything I wanted, and not much of what I expected. The final moments of the film, change everything, and most surprisedly, made me feel completely forgiving of Federica. This empathy was nowhere to be seen in the first 100 minutes of the film, leaving me in awe of the writing, direction and acting.

So take a leap, this movie isn’t what you expect. Rent, buy or borrow, Me Myself and Her.

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